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HP3 removals

Moving home can take its toll. Sometimes you cannot do it all. Heavy lifting, driving the hire van and then unloading your precious cargo in one day often is far too much to ask. That is where HP3 removals agency comes to save the day. Our Hemel Hempstead based team are here to help you with all the hard work that moving home brings. Amazing Moves can bring you peace of mind and offer you the finest quality of service that our high standards expect. Our friendly HP3 moving contractors are only one phone call away. Book now to make the most of your move, call 020 3970 0488 to help us, help you.

Our reliable and quick Hemel Hempstead based team are available to work to your needs and commitments. With years of removals experience, our team are here to offer peace of mind and customer satisfaction. The services of the HP3 team range from business relocating to home removals and end of tenancy clearing. Our team are eager to help. Simply pick up the phone to book the professional HP3 removals agency, they’re only one phone call away.

Hemel Hempstead as a fine reputation for being one of the better designed ‘New Towns’ designed after the Second World War. As such the town, despite being able to trace some form of conurbation back to the Domesday book, is considered a piece of modern town planning. It belongs to the district authority of the borough of Decorum. The town nestles on the north westerly edges of greater London and has excellent road links to the capital with the M25 and the M1 running alongside the HP3 district border.

The town has much to offer for both residents and tourists. The short journey across to London gives the residents of the town much to see in the nation’s capital. Closer to home, Hemel Hempstead has all the recreational activities associated with a large town.

The most interesting aspect of the area is its layout and design. The post war years often produced some odd and challenging brutish designs, but Hemel Hempstead and its surrounds have come out of this well. Designed to accommodate and relocate the victims of the blitz, the new town has a spacious feel with plenty of wide streets and sports fields for recreational activity.

The town’s surrounds also boosts of some of Hertfordshire’s finest countryside with plenty of beautiful seasonal walks to be had in the spring and summer. The area has also maintained its air of development and has recently undergone a big money redevelopment of the Apsley Lock Marina on the Grand Union Canal. This area is seen as very desirable and obviously so.

Moving HP3 man and van
Having decided on moving to the area, the second wise choice would be to book a professional removals agency. The team of highly skilled HP3 moving contractors will be able to let you relax and enjoy the move. To stop any delay or risk any unwanted parking fines, our team may need parking permits for our vehicle. Please click here to find out more about parking in the borough of Decorum. Our team of moving professionals are only one phone call away. Book now to make moving to Hemel Hempstead easier.

HP3 removals
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Just as planned, the staff arrived on time and skillfully managed to handle everything with no problems or damages along the way. Despite its efficient execution, the total cost of the move seemed justifiable.

Rating: 4.5/5
G. Woodward

The competent home removals team got a great deal accomplished for me in HP3. It resulted in me enjoying a relatively smooth and stress-free experience. I was able to move into my new place in great spirits, and I'm thankful for that.

Rating: 4.5/5
E. Henshaw

This removal company was on time and charged a fair price for the service they provided. Their HP3 team were also hard-working!

Rating: 4.5/5
Richard W.

The movers were suggested by a friend. They have affordable rates and got the job done faster than I expected. Great HP3 moving service.

Rating: 4.5/5
Kyle D.

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