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You have decided that it is time for a big change and that to move house is the best way to do it?. Amazing Moves is the company to contact once you have made up your mind. Hire a team of movers who are professionals and who will take extra care of your belongings. We guarantee that nothing will break in our hands. Your circumstances come first and every person that hires us is unique. By hiring a Moving Company NN6 you will get more time for those things and more room in your mind to do other things properly. Like actually looking forward to the move; that is why you should let a moving company help you. The reason why you should go with Amazing Moves is that we have thought everything through and if there is something that doesn’t come up here, you can always call us on 020 3970 0488 and we will give you a free quote and all the information that you might need to make a proper decision. We are trained to do this so all your things will be in great hands. Our vans are modern and big so all your things will suit in there for just one ride to your new home. Once at your new home, all the things and boxes will be carried into the right rooms and right spots. Just by making a quick phone call you will be able to make an informed decision whether or not you should go with a helpful Moving Company NN6.

The postcode area of NN or Northampton is a group of district around the eight post towns Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough, Rushden, Brackley, Daventry, Towcester and Northhampton. It has got a total of twenty postcode districts (NN1-NN18, NN29 and NN99) and 101 sectors. There is an approx. of 23.459 people living here. The postcode town of NN6 is Northhampton and covers the little towns of Cold Ashby, Brixworth, west Haddon, Long Buckby Spratton, Earls Barton, Sywell and Guilsborough and has a local authority of Northampton and Wellingborough. Its surrounding post code areas are PE, MK, OX, CV and LE.

The postcode of NN6 covers the biggest part of Northampton which is an administrative center of Northamptonshire. The city has nearly 200,000 inhabitants and has grown rapidly since the late 1960s since it then was developed as a new town (1968) and because of the M1 motorway that was opened nearby in 1959. It is located on the River Nene and at an edge of the Grand Junction Canal.  NN6 also houses the Frog Island Brewery and the Norman St Peter's and St Sepulchre's, which is one of the four still remaining round churches in England (probably remaining from the late 1000's). The city of Northampton is said to have aroused first as a Roman fortress and from 917 to 921 it belonged to the Dane Vikings. In 1010 Vikings destroyed the city almost completely and at the Norman Conquest in 1066, the city was heavily fortified because of its strategic position.

And while we are on it; please have a look at the parking regulations. On the borough website you can look up the parking rules regarding your specific area. Different districts have different rules so for each move there need to be rules checked out. You don’t want to stand there on the day of and having to argue with neighbors whose drive way you have blocked.
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NN6 removals
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Postcode Brixworth nearby postcodes NN2, NN3, NN5, NN7, NN8, NN9, NN11, NN14, NN29

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Our experience with this moving team was fantastic! They arrived promptly, handled our belongings with care, and completed the move efficiently.

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It's rare to find a company that ticks all the boxes - but this mover does just that.

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I underwent removals to NN6 with Amazing Moves helping me out. Thanks to their terrific team and the way they managed things throughout the day, the moving day passed by with ease. I'd strongly recommend moving with them.

Rating: 4.5/5
Steve D.

The moving services in NN6 are usually expensive, so the low rates of Amazing Moves are quite special. These movers are some of the best I've used, I would certainly hire them again.

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Norma Freemont

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