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BR4 removals

There is only so much a human being can take in terms of frustrations and grievances, and this delicate balance can be severely upset by the process of moving house. All the impracticalities of the occasion can really wear a person  down: dismantling furniture; stacking it up; labelling everything; putting everything in boxes. All of this is part of an equation that equals frustration and monotony. But have no fear, because Amazing Moves provides a service that will assuage any of your irritations by taking some of the load of your shoulders. We provide an inexpensive and efficient service for people moving houses. It doesn’t matter if you live on your own or with a huge family, it doesn’t matter if your furniture is huge or miniature, we can help you. All you need to do is call us on 020 3970 0488 and arrange a time and date for us to arrive on your doorstep. We pride ourselves on our ability to bend flexibly to your requests and needs in order to ensure you have a stress-free, and much more importantly, problem-free, day of transition.

The town of West Wickham is the area subsumed within the BR4 post code, and is situated in the London Borough of Bromley. It is roughly ten miles south east of Charing Cross in the centre of London. Most notably, the prime meridian, the line on which all time is based, passes through the West Wickham. The place was first mentioned in the Domesday Book where a list of attributes were given, but the name probably has its origin further back in time, most likely Celtic England.

Modern West Wickham can be classified as a suburb of Greater London following the London Government Act of 1963. It is primarily made up of 1930’s residential style buildings but as with most London suburbs, boasts a wide variety of pubs, restaurants and retail outlets that supply the residents with everything the need on their doorstep. The area gained a form of notoriety through a headmistress of a local school who was convicted of stealing roughly half a million pounds in school money. The school was later closed down due to the insurmountable debts. However the area does still have four other schools which are all primary. The scandal gave rise to the docudrama called ‘The Thieving Headmistress’ a connection the area surely wants to rid itself of as it is a fine area full of decent hardworking people. That was not the only appearance it made on the television as it was the scene for The 1940’s House, where a family lived in conditions similar to that of World War Two England.
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So if you live in the BR4 postal code district then look no further than your local removal service, contactable on 020 3970 0488. By calling us you can alleviate any anxieties and worries you may have had prior to the big day. We do all the heavy lifting for you to ensure that no physical injuries are incurred by you. The worst part of moving is the strains it puts on peoples’ physical health but with us on your side this is a thing of the past. So remember, if you want a stress-free transition from your old home to your new home, call us and put your mind at rest.

BR4 removals
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Postcode West Wickham nearby postcodes BR2, BR3, CR0

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The staff arrived promptly as scheduled and effortlessly completed all aspects of the move without any hitches or breakages. The overall price for their services seemed fair considering how well it was done.

Rating: 4.5/5
Gillian Stuart

They made office removals in BR4 a smooth transition for everyone at the business. I can't thank their top team of professionals enough.

Rating: 4.5/5
I. Jenner

I was moving back home from university, and Amazing Moves helped me load and transport all of my belongings into the removal van. They were very careful and professional!

Rating: 4.5/5
Ella C.

My boss recommended Amazing Moves movers in BR4. She had used them herself and said they were great. They were cheap and got the job done quickly.

Rating: 4.5/5
Sierra J.

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