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Moving should be a proactive choice, not a chore put off until the last minute. As a specialist TW18 removal company we have the experience and equipment needed to reach for and relocate office and home from anywhere in the UK, Europe or the rest of the world. Our expert knowledge of the local area lets us carry out our move with minimal disruption to yourself and your new neighbours. Over the years we have also learnt that transportation is just one aspect of moving home. Because of this we offer additional support options like professional removal assessment, packaging supplies and packaging crew, storage solutions and cleanup services. Scuffed floors and scratched furniture are unfamiliar to us, broken down vehicles nothing but urban myths and arriving late little more than a strange and alien concept to our dedicated team. Talk to one of our friendly customer service advisers on 020 3970 0488 for a free quote without pressure to commit.

Arrival in your prospective TW18 neighbourhood starts well with the M3, M25 and A30 providing a number of access options to Staines-upon-Thames, Egham Hythe and Laleham, the municipalities designated to this postcode. From wherever you arrive, you are likely to first notice the innumerable bodies of water, both natural and artificial, spotted about. The largest of which are the Staines and Queen Mary reservoirs. The former is a site of special scientific interest, housing populations of pochard, goosander and goldeneye. Whereas the latter is home to the Queen Mary sailing club; regularly holding training and racing events. If you’re a keen sailor, make it a priority to visit this bustling and friendly club. But if you prefer access to the Thames you should try Penton Hook, Britain’s largest inland marina.

If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on solid ground then be assured that there are enough amenities in Staines to save you the effort of travelling to London. Despite a reputation tarnished by Sacha Baron Cohen fictional rapper Ali G, the town is green and leafy with plenty of attractive old building and a picturesque Thames frontage.  The Thames Path National Trail runs right through TW18 and over Staines Bridge and there are plenty of public greens dotted about for dog walkers and children’s play areas. As expected of such a large town, sports and social clubs are abundantly present, competing for space with various and excellent pubs and restaurants. Once you’ve settled into your new home you can invite family and friends down to experience these delights with you. Thanks to Staines Rail Station and a multitude of bus services, public transport from and to Central London and other destinations is simple.

Just remember that exploring Staines-upon-Thames is just the beginning as Egham Hythe and Laleham are also part of the region. Excursions to these suburbs will reveal surprisingly rural settings with greeneries like Thorpe Bay Meadow and historical churches whose foundations can be traced back as early as the 12th century.  But before calling our TW18 removal specialists you will most likely need to obtain a parking permit. Because the district is split between the Borough of Runnymede and Spelthorne Borough Council, you’ll need to find out which one of them your address falls in. Once this is taken care of you can visit the respective website for a Runnymede or Spelthorne parking permit. Since the processing of this application can take time, we recommend submitting for one ASAP. After this technicality is taken care of you can visit our website or call our team on 020 3970 0488. Begin a new life in TW18 the right way with Amazing Moves.
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TW18 removals
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