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When you are moving house, packing away your possesions, or needing to put items of furniture in storage, everybody needs a removal company that can provide affordable and quality removal services. Amazing Moves is a Homerton removal company that can give you value for money when it comes to our Homerton removal services, but maintain a high standard too. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide variety of services to anybody who needs them. You need not worry anymore because all of our staff are well-trained, polite, and extremely effective in ensuring your needs are met. You are the most important part of a removal process, and with that in mind our entire goal is to make sure you are satisfied with the process as a whole. Call us on 020 3970 0488 and we can arrange a day for you to receive our assistance.

Homerton is a located in East London and can be found within the Borough of Hackney and the E9 postal district. Homerton has always been a desirable place to live, from Tudor times right up until the present day. The area has a strong link with popular music, as Marc Bolan of T-Rex fame lived here, and the Toerag music studio is based – where bands such as the White Stripes and Babyshambles have recorded popularly acclaimed albums. The area’s connection with popular culture doesn’t stop at music though as there is Chats Palace arts centre too, which plays host to every kind of performing arts conceivable: from comedy and theatre, to disability arts and transgressive performance. It also provides a location where the local people can go and learn a vast array of subjects, largely irrespective of age. Although Homerton has been struggling in recent years, there are signs of a recovery and a bright future. Public investment strengthening the areas credentials, particularly with the new Channel Link being build in Stratford, just down the road, and the fact that the London 2012 Olympics were held nearby meant the area has received long needed attention and investment. There are two overground rail links close to Homerton; Hackney Central and Homerton itself. Homerton is also ideally situated as it is close to other notable areas of London, including Hackney, Bethnal Green and Lower Clapton. Education wise, Homerton is also home to numerous secondary schools and academies, but it also plays host to Homerton College, a constituent college of Cambridge University that dates back to the seventeenth century. This area is a place on the upturn, and it is understandable that people are wanting to move here in the near future.
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Moving house, or office, in Homerton doesn’t have to be as problematic as people make it out to be. Amazing Moves ensures that Homerton removals are undertaken quickly, efficiently, and with absolutely no unwarranted charges. We’ll do everything we can to make your day simpler. By calling us on 020 3970 0488 you can get quotes from our staff on the removal service you need, or you can even garner some advice from our experts on how to go about moving house, or whatever process you are about to start. You won’t have to worry about the usual stresses of moving, packing, or transporting furniture, because we shoulder the responsibility for you. If you do decide to choose us, then we would be extremely grateful if you reserved a parking space for the removal van so as not to attract any parking fines. To do this, just click here.

Homerton removals
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W. Hill, CPA

Thank you so much, inter movers, for your top-notch service that made my move to London an enjoyable experience.

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I let their movers handle the bulk of the work on moving day to Homerton. Amazing Moves assured me they'd manage and they didn't disappoint.

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L. Benson

Amazing Moves was recommended by a friend to help with our Homerton area move. We hired them which ended up being a good thing. They did an excellent job and cost a lot less than hiring other movers in the area.

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Sheila P.

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