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Moving house or office is a big ask, with the area being a bit difficult to access and many new abodes involving long treks up several floors, but with the professional moving services on offer from Amazing Moves the experience won’t be anywhere near as stressful and difficult as it might otherwise have been. If you want to benefit from our office moving or Isle of Dogs house removals you need only contact us on 020 3970 0488 and we’ll give you a free quote for our services, inclusive of insurance cover for your personal possessions whilst they are in our removal van.

The quality on offer from many removal companies is not as high as it should be, but with our movers you will be guaranteed an efficient and committed removal team, able to provide you with a move that is well managed and organised, delivered in a very respectable timeframe and not as costly as you might expect. We work for businesses, individuals and families seeking a common sense approach to moving, and a quick turnaround of instructions. Our movers are trained to take extra care when handling your belongings, and we load our lorries in a carefully planned order to make sure that there is minimal chance of things getting broken or unsettled.

If you need to know that your furniture will be moved in a clean and tidy removal van, Isle of Dogs removal lorries from our company are cleaned prior to taking on a new instruction, carpeted to ensure there is no chance of scuffs, and bedecked with packing aides and covers to protect furniture items from dust and dirt. We load our lorries with trolleys and ramps and use toolkits to construct and dismantle furniture, ensuring it is manoeuvrable and won’t get stuck or scraped whilst being taken up and down the Isle of Dogs staircases, or trapped in the doors of elevators!.

With our packing services also benefiting many office movers who don’t have a ready supply of boxes, duct tape, plastic binding and tissue paper, you can be assured that every single need will be taken care of when moving day arrives. Our company can also arrange moving and storage if you need to take any of your belongings to a separate location for a temporary period, and with a man and a van service available for hire, we can have you moved into a storage unit and out again very easily. Our moves are available at any time on any day of the week and there are no restrictions in our timetable – we have movers and vehicle available around the clock.

The Isle of Dogs is famous not only for the satellite image in the Eastenders titles. It is where the City of London, Canary Wharf and some stunning views of the Thames can be found, and it is a prime location for UK businesses, young professionals and absolutely anybody looking to be located in the city. The Isle of Dogs is awash with trendy bars and shops around the curious canal sites, and the monkey-puzzle style traffic island near Canary Wharf is well worth a look if you are heading out for an afternoon. Not so far away you have the Millenium Dome (now a fabulous concert venue), the River Thames for some plush boat cruises, Millwall and the famous football club of that name and the Olympic Village. The Docklands Light Railway provides regular transport in and out of Central London.

You can move to Isle of Dogs easily with the help of Amazing Moves – call 020 3970 0488 to make a booking with us and book a parking space for the removal van.

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Postcode E14 nearby postcodes E1, E3, E16, SE8, SE10, SE16

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The home removals team from Amazing Moves did a sterling job for me in Isle of Dogs. It was a big move. They came through for me and made my life much easier on moving day.

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The movers at Amazing Moves know what they are doing. They handled our Isle of Dogs move like the pros they are.

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