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Leicester removals

Amazing Moves understands just how difficult relocating can be when you already have a hundred and one things to do in your average day. No matter whether you are moving alone or with children, or perhaps you are simply just in the need of professional removal services to move your belongings to a new premises, such as storage facilities, the same issue remains and therefore it is vital that you employ the best team for the task. Whether you are moving to Leicester City for work reasons or are relocating to a new home in the city, the City of Leicester is a great place to live and work, so our team at Amazing Moves strives to make sure that your removal experience to your new property is equally as great as how we hope you’re new business or personal life will be there. Our company will take charge of every moving related chore, task and duty which will need to be completed prior to your relocation. Not only do we offer a great selection of relocation deals for all of our Leicester movers, but we will also even arrange your removal so that it meets your ideal time and date requirements. Our relocations differ from others, as we will try our hardest to fit your Leicester move in around your normal daily working and domestic lifestyle, rather than you having to uproot your usual pattern and causing yourself stress and inconvenience in order to meet the times that we set out for you. Got a question?. Want a quote?. Why not call us now on 020 3970 0488 to request a free no obligations quote or speak to our office personnel team who are always ready and willing to help all of our clients – new and old!.

Leicester, or the City of Leicester as it is also known as, is a unitary authority with city status and is situated within the county of Leicestershire in the East Midlands region, England. The City of Leicester also happens to be the county town of Leicestershire however; it is no longer the administrative centre of the county, as Leicester city is fully responsible for its own area and has its own separate administrative headquarters and council which is based in the city itself. The administrative headquarters for the county of Leicestershire were moved to Glenfield, which is now the administrative centre of the county. Due to the fact that Leicester is situated right in the centre and heart of the Leicestershire County, travelling in and around the county is easy and thanks to the city’s excellent road connections, other counties and cities outside of Leicestershire are easily accessible too.

Despite Leicester being a rather busy city and a very populated area, the city lies on the edge of the Leicestershire part of the National Forest, which also covers parts of the Staffordshire and Derbyshire counties too. The City of Leicester has a population of over 329, 600 residents and is therefore the most populated unitary authority within the whole of the East Midlands region. In the list of the total three hundred and twenty six districts in England, Leicester is ranked as the seventeenth most populated district out of all of the English districts. In this list, where number three hundred and twenty six is the bottom end of the scale and number one is the most populated and largest land area, Leicester is listed slightly lower as it not one of the largest areas within the county of Leicestershire.

Leicester is well noted for being the home of many well known and famous landmarks and places of interest. Some of the most popular landmarks and most visited areas of Leicester City are: Jewry wall, Leicester War Memorial, the National Space Centre, Central Leicester (aka the City Centre), the Shires Shopping Centre, Leicester Cathedral, Curve Theatre, Welford Road Stadium, Leicester City Football Club, Leicester Market and many more. Within the last decade the Shires Shopping Centre, which is the main shopping centre in the city, has undergone a lot of redevelopment work and modernisation. As a result of the changes and hard work, the Shire Shopping Centre receives more visitors now, more than it has ever done in the past and in addition, is home to many more trendy shops, bars and restaurants. Leicester City Football Stadium has also undergone changes within the last decade too, as the football club was moved to the new Walkers Stadium, which was only built in the early 00’s. The new Walkers stadium, where the club now holds their games, is a much more modern and attractive building. A lot of work and money was put in to building the new Walkers Stadium and received large volumes of visitors every week. Moving Leicester man and van

Leicester is one of England’s most, if not the most, multicultural cities within the country. When strolling around the city you will see evidence of its foreign influences and in some areas, there are even churches, banks, shops, restaurants and other services and shops which have been opened to appeal to the city’s foreign residents. Overall, there is not much you will not find in Leicester City, whether it is shops, work, restaurants or places of interest you are looking for, Leicester City has it all!.

As you get nearer to that time when you must relocate, the nerves and tension can rise. However, your job is not to worry about handling your Leicester move because this is why companies like Amazing Moves are employed by people just like you. Our handy removal services are the efficient and safe way for you to have your personal possessions and other items moved from one destination to the next. All of our services are made to suit our clients and our team will happily work around your time frame if moving at what may be classed as ‘normal times’ is not convenient for you. You best call us now on 020 3970 0488 to make sure you don’t miss out!.

Leicester removals
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