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It’s no wonder that Islington is such a desirable neighbourhood, and if you are moving into the borough or the neighbourhood, which share the same name, it’s now no wonder which company you should call to help with your home removal. Islington removal services are available at great prices and virtually any time of the day, all week long, so call Amazing Moves for your free moving quote today. 020 3970 0488 is as important a number for you to remember as your new N1 postcode and your new 020 dialing code.

Islington was once a resort with properties such as hotels and lodging places that served to house people who came to Sadler’s Wells. In fact, Islington is quite famous for its water, since it sits on a hill that has been the source of much of London’s water for a long time. Other than London Spa and Clerkenwell, Islington was once famous for being one of the places that provided the citizens of London with fresh produce. That was back in the 16 and 1700s thanks to all that water, of course, and the neighbourhood was famous for its pubs and market gardens that served the needs of those travelling from London.

Islington’s growth was very rapid once horse-drawn vehicles could get people around and to further destinations than before. The fast expansion caused the quality of housing to deteriorate as the population expanded by hundreds of thousands of people during the 1800s. The once-attractive resort area was also quite damaged by the bombing that took place in London during World War II.

But today, you can wander the streets of Islington and admire the Georgian townhouses that seem to be drawn as if by an artist. They perfectly line the roads and many homes, churches and even pubs and theatres are now listed buildings. If you are a fan of Georgian architecture, you will love to make Islington your home, or even just visit from time to time to study the layout of the streets and take photos. Islington has left its poorer past behind and is now a sought-after neighbourhood by many of London’s wealthier residents, including politicians and celebrities.
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Head to the Islington Museum to learn more about this intriguing borough north of the River Thames. You can dress up like your favourite Charles Dickens characters for a photo session – museums certainly don’t all have to be stuffy and boring!. Spend an afternoon picnicking in Highbury Fields, which is the largest park in Islington or take your kids or grandkids to some of the best playgrounds in the city. There are only so many sunny days in London, so take advantage and get outside in Islington’s parks and green spaces.

Now that you know a bit about Islington, you know that there is so much more to discover. But before you can move into your new home, you need to hire the perfect Islington Removals company so that your move goes smoothly. Make Amazing Moves your Islington Movers by calling us on 020 3970 0488 to start arranging your move. This is where you need to go to reserve a parking space for the moving van, an important part of every well-done removal. You can call, too, for information on 020 7527 2000 if you are not sure exactly what you need.

So if you are gearing up to make Islington your home, get ready for plenty of arts and entertainment, great music and fantastic theatre, but first prepare by hiring Amazing Moves for your Islington move.

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