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For all your removal needs, large or small, there is only one moving company Kentish Town to call – Amazing Moves, of course. We offer a comprehensive list of removal services that will certainly lighten the load of moving. But having a moving company do the work for you doesn’t necessarily mean a huge investment. Many people attempt to move on their own only to give up in desperation at the last minute. We can help if that’s your situation, but the best bet is to reserve a moving company about one month prior to your move out date. That will give you plenty of time to get rid of unwanted items and furniture, purchase the boxes and packing materials you will need and pack everything up. If you are pressed for time, there is no better service for you than our packing service. Call today for a free quote on 020 3970 0488.

Kentish Town is an area in the London Borough of Camden in northwest London. The name means something like a ditch, a bed of a waterway, to be exact, and this name makes sense since the area was once a settlement on the River Fleet. Today, however, that river runs below ground, although it still runs through the area. There are both residential and commercial areas in Kentish Town, with some buildings in the residential neighbourhoods dating to the middle of the 19th century.

One oddity about Kentish Town is the Tube station that has been out of use since 1924. The station was closed due to a strike at the nearby power station that caused the lift to be out of order, and it simply never opened again. It is now home to businesses, but the original building remains. The Kentish High Street, actually Kentish Town Road, has quite a high number of independent shops mixed in with the larger national chains. This is a great area for nightlife, as it has always had a good reputation because of all the bars and pubs that can be found here. Many jazz acts started out in clubs in Kentish Town, and later, at the Bull & Gate, it was possible to here Keane, PJ Harvey, Blur, Coldplay and The Pogues performing. More live music is available at The Forum, a former cinema that is now a popular venue for music.
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West Kentish Town has grown popular in recent years for its arts scene. It is home to a number of galleries, creative spaces and studios. You could also take a dip in the public baths at St. Pancreas, which is the area’s largest municipal building and has been open since the turn of the 20th century.

With all its character, it’s easy to see why Kentish Town would make a great new place for your home or business. Just be sure to reserve a parking spot for the moving vehicle on the day of. Whether you hire a Man with a Van or a larger moving lorry for your possessions, you should arrange to have a place out front of the move in address. This will speed up the process of unloading and reduce the possibility of damage to your items. The Camden Borough website has more information about reserving a spot. This should be done as soon as you have your moving date set, then you can get started on the clearing out and the packing. Since packing is the largest job associated with moving, why not have the professionals from Amazing Moves help you out?. Call now to find out how!.

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