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One of the hardest parts of moving is, of course, the packing. But don’t just cancel all your weekend plans to stay indoors and shove everything into boxes. When you hire Amazing Moves for your N20 move, we’ll help you go about your packing the right way, whether you want to order your packing supplies at a great price and have them delivered to your doorstep or whether you want a couple of helping hands to come and do it for you, we’ve got you covered. For some items, it may not be worth hiring professionals – things like linens and towels are hard to get wrong. But if you have a lot of antique or valuable furniture and a large number of breakables or oddly sized items, you have to be totally sure that you know the best way to wrap and pack them to ensure their safety during transport. Well, we do know the best way – it’s our job and we do it every day. Let us start you off with a home assessment, which can help you determine the removal services that will help you most and will let us guide you along the way.

Once your home assessment is complete, you’ll feel much more confident about where to go and what to do, and if you still have questions, you can always contact one of our helpful representatives. That’s our commitment to quality customer service and our commitment to you as a customer. So now you know where to begin – by calling 020 3970 0488.

There are a number of postcode areas that cover north London, including the EN (Enfield), HA (Harrow), and London NW postcode areas. But the London N (Northern) postcode area covers much of north London with its 23 postcode areas, one of which is a non-geographic postcode area. The N postcode area includes large sections of the London Boroughs of Barnet, Haringey, Enfield, Islington, Hackney and Camden. It has been around since 1857, when it was called the N district and was divided into the current postcode districts in 1917. They are alphanumerically labeled N1 through N22 (with N81 as the non-geographic once). The N1 postcode district was once the Northern head district and the other districts were assigned numbers alphabetically according to their main names. They are all in the LONDON post town.
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The N20 postcode district was originally called the Whetstone district, though this name is no longer used in addresses. It covers Whetstone, of course, as well as Oakleigh Park and Totteridge. Its local authority area is Barnet. N20 is home to the North Middlesex Golf Club and the South Herts Golf Club as well as part of Bethune Park. It is quite a green district, which sets it apart from other N postcode districts closer to the city centre. Indeed, the N20 postcode district is closer to the boundary of Greater London than to the N1 district near the city centre. Totteridge Park, Swan Lane Open Space and the Totteridge Fields Nature Reserve can also be found here.

While there may be plenty of open space in N20, that doesn’t guarantee that there will be parking right in front of your home on the day of your move. Even if you have a drive, you may need to reserve a space on the street out front, for which you should contact the local Barnet council. Once you have done this, you can begin to picture your belongings in your new home as you have guaranteed that the movers will have proper access on the day of. 

N20 removals
Moving House, Man and Van N20 Removals
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Postcode Whetstone nearby postcodes N11, N12, NW7, EN5, EN4

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We were thoroughly impressed with how smoothly everything went, all thanks to the crew.

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Many people who'd hired them were deeming them to be domestic removals specialists. I thought I'd reach out to them, give them a try for my move to N20 and see what they're all about. I saw what they were about alright. They're a top company in my book.

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R. Cartwright

I want to commend the domestic removals team I had the pleasure of meeting in N20 for a job well done.

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E. Efferding

This is the best moving service I have ever had the pleasure of hiring. They did an excellent job with my move and didn't overcharge me. If I ever need professional moving services again, I know who I'll be ringing.

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