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Removals Switzerland

Moving House, Switzerland Removals, Moving to Switzerland

Moving House to Switzerland Removals to Switzerland - Amazing Moves are European house removal and home removals company specializing in all aspects of house removals, storage and packaging for private and business customers.

We specialize in overseas removals, house removals to Switzerland, house moving, EU moves, European removals.

Our goal is to provide high quality house removals services to residential customers in Europe at affordable prices.

We offer a flexible removals service, which will suit every customers' needs.

About Switzerland

Removals Moving Switzerland ( Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Svizra), officially the Swiss Confederation, is a landlocked alpine country in Western Europe. This small multi-lingual country, of a little over 7.5 million people, has four national languages, French, German, Italian, and Romansh. The country is bordered by Germany, Italy, France, Austria, and Liechtenstein. It dates its independence to 1291; historically it was a confederation, and it has been a federation since 1848, with a current division into 26 cantons, six of which are sometimes referred to as "half-cantons," since they have less representation in the Council of States.

Switzerland has a strong economy in finance and banking, rates highly in international economic standards despite its small size, and maintains a long and strong tradition of political and military neutrality. This background allows Switzerland to host various international organizations, such as the United Nations, which, though headquartered in New York City, has many departments in Switzerland. The safety, security, and scenic beauty of the country, for walking, hiking, climbing, and skiing, give it a strong and robust tourism sector.

Switzerland Removals Confoederatio Helvetica, the country's official Latin name, means Helvetic Confederation. The use of Latin avoids having to favour one of the four national languages. The abbreviation (CH) is used for the same reason. The titles commonly used in French (Confédération suisse), Italian (Confederazione Svizzera) and Romansh (Confederaziun svizra) translate as "Swiss Confederation", while the German name of Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft translates literally as "Swiss Oath Fellowship" or "Swiss Commonwealth of the Covenant." The term for a native of Switzerland is Swiss (German Schweizer, singular male Schweizer, female Schweizerin; French Suisses, male Suisse, female either Suisse or Suissesse; Italian Svizzeri, male Svizzero, female Svizzera).

The Swiss Confederation consists of 26 cantons:

Moving to Switzerland Map Aargau , Appenzell Innerrhoden, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft, Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Glarus, Graubünden, Jura, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schaffhausen, Schwyz, Solothurn, St. Gallen, Thurgau, Ticino, Uri, Valais, Vaud, Zug, Zürich.

List of cities in Switzerland:

Switzerland Guide :: Zürich, Geneva, Basel, Berne, Lausanne, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Winterthur, Lugano, Baden-Brugg, Olten-Zofingen, Biel/Bienne.


We needed a removals company and Amazing Moves was recommended to us by our solicitors, who have used your services in the past and never been disappointed. It was a comfort to know that we could depend on your integrity and reliability.

Rating: 5

Thank you for the removal service you provided for us a few days ago. The prices were just what we had hoped for, and everything went perfectly from start to finish. We are happy to tell others about your company.

Rating: 5

Amazing Moves is the removals firm we used in when moving house to Switzerland last winter, and we can%u2019t think of one thing we wish had gone differently. The price, the service, the staff - all were perfect.

Rating: 5

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