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Are you moving to the Isle of Wight in the near future?. Why not choose us to take care of the relocation for you and leave all of the hard work to us. Moving house or to a new work environment can sometimes be unavoidable, but there is really no need to worry or let this possibly spur of the minute decision cause you any problems. As long as you have a helpful and trustworthy team of professionals behind you when you come to relocate there is no reason why you can’t have an easy and fuss free removal. At Amazing Moves every type of removal is welcomed with open arms and there is really no move that we will not manage. Every office, home, apartment and business building can be sorted out easily here with us and in addition to this, the cost of the relocation services will be specially calculated so that you are not paying any more than you should be. We understand that a one size fits all kind of price plan doesn’t work, as every type of relocation is different and this is why our team of moving experts will help to tailor make your Isle of Wight removal so that you can move with ease. If you call 020 3970 0488 you will have the option to choose the time, date and terms upon which you relocate with us.

Located in the region of the South East of England, the Isle of Wight is a county within the region and is the largest of the English islands. The Isle of Wight is located on the English Channel, which is approximately three to five kilometers off the coast of Hampshire. Since Victorian times, the Isle of Wight has been a very popular tourist destination amongst British tourists and also visitors from European mainland. As the English Channel runs between England and France, the Isle of Wight is also a common place for the French and Belgian tourists to visit. The isle once had its own freedom and was a kingdom of its own in the 15th century. Just like its two other channel island isles, the Isle of Wight had its own governor up until 1995.

Despite it being an Isle, this South East English county is ranked as the 46th most populated county of England due to its estimated population of 138, 400. It is also ranked as the 46th largest area out of the list of English counties, as the area of the isle measures 384km2. The British isle is a ceremonial, unitary and non-metropolitan county. It was here on this isle where Queen Victoria built her last home and possibly favourite homes. The house was called Osbourne House and was located at East Cowes. Queen Victoria was said to have spent a lot of her time at her home in the Isle of Wight and was where she would spend most of her summers. It was due to Queen Victoria buying a house on the Isle of Wight that it became so popular with other English tourists. When people learned of Queen Victoria’s love of the Isle of Wight and the fact that she had purchased her own property there, the Isle of Wight became a popular and fashionable place for other British tourists to holiday. Osbourne House, which was the name of Queen Victoria’s summer house, is now open to the public. Queen Victoria started a fast growing trend when she started spending her summers in the county of Isle of Wight and other famous people from the Victorian times soon followed suit. Charles Dickens, Alfred, Julia Margaret Cameron and Lord Tennyson were all well known Victorians who started to spend a lot of their free time on the Isle of Wight. As well as being the home to Queen Victoria, the Isle of Wight was also one the home place to the famous poets – Tennyson and Swinburne.

The Isle of Wight earns its incomes through its tourism, sail making and boat building. It was also where the first hovercraft was invented and many of Britain’s first space rockets were tested here. There are many annual festivals held in the Isle of Wight County, one of the main festivals to be held here is the Isle of Wight International Jazz Festival. Moving Isle of Wight man and van

Up until 1890, the Isle of Wight was actually classed as a part of another county situated within the South East England region – Hampshire. However, in the late 19th century, the Isle of Wight County became an independent administrative county. There are four shuttle ferries that run backwards and forwards from the Isle of Wight to various ports on the English mainland. The distance between the ports on mainland England and the Isle of Wight varies between 5.6km and 16km. Although the ferry is the more popular way for people to travel to the Isle of Wight, especially those who are tourists, the fastest way to get to the county is to go by hovercraft from Portsmouth.

You may have heard people say that moving can be stressful and should you choose the wrong removals team then this statement could possibly be true, as there is a lot to take in to consideration when you move, not to mention the hard work involved. However, by picking up the phone and calling 020 3970 0488 you don’t have to worry about leaving your move in the wrong hand because moving with Amazing Moves is the sure way to have a successful relocation. Don’t worry if you are moving at the last minute or if you are not planning to relocate for some time, because you can feel free to contact us any time for help or to book your removal with us.

Isle of Wight removals
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