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There is moving and then there is smart moving, which means that the process will go smoothly and successfully without any so called bumps or hiccups along the way. Choosing our company to move you to your new bungalow, home, office, work building, apartment or student accommodation in Kent is the only way to guarantee that you too will do the smart thing and have a good relocation because we are the experts who know how to deliver this promise to you. With every relocation that we undertake here at Amazing Moves, we like to provide every one of our Kent customers with useful advice in regards to moving, packing and even with relocating your items in to a self storage container. Nobody looks forward to relocating, but with our handy team we can help to make the process a lot more bearable and tolerable. As with most professions, services and tasks in life – practice makes perfect and luckily for us and our customers, we have had the sufficient amount of practice and therefore we can relocate any client in a calm and stress free manner. It is understandable that many people don’t look forward to relocating but like many things that are meant to change our lives, they are unavoidable and the benefits will be worth it in the end. If however, you decide to call 020 3970 0488 and book your removal with us, you can bid farewell to all of your relocation nightmares and you will see just how great moving with us can be!.

Kent is a county in the South East of England. The county is a ceremonial and non-metropolitan county. Kent shares borders with a few other counties within the South West region, such as: East Sussex, Greater London, Surrey and Essex. The county of Kent is listed as the tenth largest county in the whole of England, due to the fact that it measures 3, 736km2 in land. The population of the county is rather large indeed at around 1, 731, 500, which makes the county of Kent the sixth most highly populated county in England. The county town of Kent is Maidstone. Kent is located right on the south east point of England and borders the English Channel to the south of the county. The neighbouring country of France, which is situated just over the English Channel, can be clearly seen from some points of Kent especially as you get close to Folkestone or the White Cliffs of Dover. Kent is located close to the English Channel, meaning that it in close proximity to mainland Europe. As a result of its convenient location, the county of Kent was a prime location for battles in historical times. The county has served as the frontline of many battles over the years, including the Battle of Britain which occurred during the Second World War.

Kent has earned a name of being “The Garden of England” due to its abundance of hop gardens and orchards. This name that the county has been given is often used when promoting the county and its produce. In the north west of Kent, industries such as aircraft construction, papermaking and cement making have all been very popular trades and still remain important parts of the area’s economy today. In the past, coal mining was also one of the major industries in the County of Kent, but this has took a steep decline in the past few decades as many of the mines have been closed. Part of Kent come under the London commuter belt and therefore it is not uncommon for people from London and other areas to buy properties in Kent and commuting on a regular basis to London for work. There are a large number of commuters living in Kent, because there are numerous parts of the county which are covered by the London commuter belt, which makes it easy for them to travel back and forth without having to live and work permanently in London itself. The southern and eastern parts of Kent get their main source of income from the tourism and agriculture. Since the opening of the Channel tunnel, which has made travelling between Dover and France so much easier for people, Kent receives high amounts of visitors to the county. As well as being the home of where travelers can travel to and from France on the Channel tunnel, Kent is also home to the famous White Cliffs of Dover. The White Cliffs of Dover are white for the reason that they are chalk cliffs and are famous in Britain because they face mainland Europe. On a bright, clear day France is quite visible if you were to stand on the Dover cliffs and look over the English Channel. Moving Kent man and van

If you are intending on relocating to Kent in the near future, then don’t forget to give us a call on 020 3970 0488 where you will find endless amounts of help, support and valuable tips for when you come to move to your new home or commercial property. We are all ears, so whenever you have a problem and would like to get in touch please do not be afraid because we are always happy to hear from you. Let us put our experience and expertise in to practice and undertake your Kent removal for you. At Amazing Moves we aim to put the move back in to moving and by that we mean that we perform our relocation services in the smallest amount of time and with the highest quality too. Our company offers great valuable moving services to all business and home owners and have never failed to satisfy our clients. Choose us for your Kent relocation and enjoy a calmer move instead!.

Kent removals
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Their movers were a tremendous help on the day in Kent. There were a few extra things that needed to be done. But they were always willing to go above and beyond. Nothing was too much trouble for their team of professionals.

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The first-class place for house removals, quick response, and a real competitive price. Will be contacting them again for any future jobs.

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