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Amazing Moves offers every type of relocation package imaginable. Our list of high quality moves are available to all of our clients and all have two main points in common – they are all low priced and carried out by the best and most professional movers in the business. Our team of staff isn’t just any group of people, but is actually a rather knowledge, enthusiastic and professional group of people. All of our office personnel and every one of our removals men have been carrying out Somerset removal services for our customers for many years now and so it is safe to say that your belongings will be in safe hands should you employ our company for the move. We like to cut out the unnecessary hassle and stress when we relocate our clients and this is why we strive to make every one of our relocation services manageable for every single client who calls us on 020 3970 0488 to book their Somerset moves with us.

Somerset is a non-metropolitan and ceremonial county in the South West region of England. Somerset borders the areas of Devon, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Dorset. Somerset is also classed as a shire county as well. A shire county is a county which may also be classed as a non-metropolitan county. A usual shire county will have a population of between 300, 000 and 1.4million residents. Many people believe that a shire county is simply a county which has the suffix –shire added on to the end of their name however, although this is not actually the case. There are many shire counties which happen to have the suffix –shire at the end of their name, but a shire county is actually just a non-metropolitan county.

 The county of Somerset covers an area which measures a total of 3, 451km2 and possesses a population of roughly 910, 200 people according to polls which were carried out in recent years. There are a total of forty eight counties in the whole of England and they have been ranked according to the size of their population and in the amount of space in which they cover. Somerset is a relatively rural area and therefore covers a lot larger area in comparison with the amount of people who live there. Somerset is ranked as the twenty second most populated English county out of the total forty eight, which is still in the top half of the list. In terms of the area in which the county covers however, Somerset county is ranked as the seventh largest county in England, which shows that it is listed as rather high in the ranking.

The administrative headquarters of the county are based in the town of Taunton, which is also the county town of Somerset County. Taunton is well known for being a very religious and military town. The town has over one thousand years of history which has strong relations to both religion and the military. Not only is Taunton the administrative centre of the Somerset County and also the county town as well, the town of Taunton is actually the largest town in the county too. Taunton is the main economic area where most of the work and commerce is within the county. Taunton has its own hospital and various types of industry too. As the county of Somerset is rather rural, you will find that Taunton town has the best infrastructure within the whole of the county. The town has many landmarks and places to visit too, some of which include the Taunton War Memorial, which is situated in the town centre. Other historical places and places of interest include the Taunton Castle, Taunton Bridge and Somerset’s County Cricket Club Grounds. When it comes down to things to do and events which are held within the area, Taunton boasts its annual flower show, which attracts many visitors to the area, as well as the West Country Carnival which is also held once a year.
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Somerset as a whole is rather rural and really only had one main town which has good infrastructure and work prospects – the town of Taunton. Most of the Somerset County is made up of rolling hills and rural land. Apart from job opportunities from work that can be found within Taunton town, a large part of the working sector of Somerset is agricultural work. Most of the available jobs in Somerset are related to farming and agriculture, such as fruit picking, vegetable picking, producing home grown produce which will then be then be sold and other various jobs related to taking care of the fresh produce and livestock on the land. Somerset is home to many hilly areas, including Exmoor National Park, Quantock Hills, Mendip Hills and Blackdown Hills.

The Somerset County is known for producing its own wool, cheese, apples, cider and also for its basket weaving which requires willow. Due to the fact that Somerset is a main producer of wool and wool products, you will notice that there are many sheep in the county. Somerset is perhaps best known for being the producer of some of its very well known and popular cheeses, one variety of which is the world famous Cheddar. Cheddar cheese, as its name suggests, was first made in the town of Cheddar, which is a part of the Somerset County. The other of the most well known and best loved items to have come from Somerset is cider. Somerset is a huge producer of this alcoholic beverage which is made from apples.  Cider is compared to and often described as an apple flavoured beer however; it is usually much stronger in alcohol than what beer is and has a much sweeter and fruitier taste. Although cider, which can range from anything between 5% alcohol and 12.5%, is usually made from apples it can also be made from various other fruits too.

Nobody wants to cause themselves any unnecessary hassle or stress when they do anything in life, let alone when they relocate. Amazing Moves can assure you and every other client who chooses to hire our company and use our services that we are the best team for the job. Call us any time on 020 3970 0488 and request a free quote or ask us any questions concerning your Somerset relocation.

Somerset removals
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