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Wiltshire removals

Amazing Moves is a professional removals company that offers an excellent variety of convenient and flexible relocation options for the business and home mover. Not only does our company deal in the standard house moves, but we will also relocate students in to their new student accommodation, move the belongings of our clients to their storage facilities and we will also undertake every kind of domestic and commercial move as well. Amazing Moves is a company which is made up of the best and most professional people in the moving business and so we can successfully undertake any sized relocation. We can take on your small move or even an entire house move or office floor relocation. There is no removal which is too big, too small or unmanageable for our company. Moving with our company is the easy option because we will fit the move in around your time frame so as to make it as convenient as possible for you. Make your relocation a successful one by hiring our company for your Wiltshire removal. If you have any questions about your relocation please feel free to contact us at any time on 020 3970 0488.

Wiltshire is a ceremonial county and unitary district in the region of the South West of England, United Kingdom. Wiltshire County is a County in England and is not to be confused with the disambiguation of Wiltshire, which comprises of numerous people and places which share the name ‘Wiltshire’. The county of Wiltshire is known to be a historic county and is made up of wide valleys and high downland. The county of Wiltshire borders the counties of Hampshire, Somerset, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Wiltshire is made up of the unitary authority of Swindon as well. The unitary authority of Swindon is located at the north west point of the county of Wiltshire and covers just a small part of the county.

Since the year 1930, the administrative headquarters of the county have been based in the town of Trowbridge. Trowbridge is not the county town of Wiltshire county and is where the Wiltshire Council, which was formed in the year 2006, along with the older Wiltshire County Council are now located. Before Trowbridge was declared as the county town of Wiltshire, the administrative centre of the county and the county town was Wilton. Wilton was the county town and administrative centre of Wiltshire County for many years up until it changed were made in 1930.

The total population of the county of Wiltshire is around 639, 500 people. The administrative area of the county however, has a smaller population of just 474, 300 inhabitants. The county of Wiltshire is set on an area of land which measures a total of 3, 485km2, whereas its administrative council covers an area of 3, 255km2. All of the districts, boroughs, unitary authorities, shire counties and ceremonial counties in England are ordered in both area size order and also population size too. There are a total of forty eight counties in the whole of England and Wiltshire comes in to this ranking. Out of the total number of counties which make up the whole of England, with forty eight being the smallest area and least populated and number one being the largest area and the most highly populated county, the County of Wiltshire is listed as the fourteenth largest county in terms of area and the thirty fourth most populated county. As you can see from the way in which the county of Wiltshire has been ranked, the area in which it covers largely outweighs the total population of the county. Moving Wiltshire man and van

Wiltshire is well known for being the home to Salisbury Plain, which is an area of chalk plateau and covers over 780km2 of land. Salisbury Plain is situated mostly in the County of Wiltshire however; a small amount of its area also lies in the County of Hampshire too. Salisbury Plain is made up of chalk downlands and a lot of scenic natural areas too. As well as its natural areas, open land and downlands, Salisbury Plain is also where one England’s most famous landmarks can be found – Stonehenge. The area, with Stonehenge included is also well noted for being a famous archaeological site. The whole of Salisbury plain is a very historic area and in addition to being the place where Stonehenge can be found, is also the home place of Avebury too. Avebury and Stonehenge are both well known for their stone circles. Stonehenge is probably one of the more famous places in the area, as its preserved stone circles are known all over the world.  Archaeologists believe that the stone circles which make up Stonehenge were originally burial grounds which would have been where our predecessors from as far back as 3100 BC. In 1986, Stonehenge and its surrounding areas were listed as one of the world’s heritage sites, as part of UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. For those that don’t know, Stonehenge is a formation of large stones which form a circle. Some of the rocks which are stood up and used to create the circles stand as high as 70m, which is why there is some debate and mystery into how these circles were formed. As the stones which make up the circles are so large and heavy, many scientists and archaeologists wonder how the inhabitants who lived at the time of when Stonehenge was formed could have managed to lift and move the stones without the technology which we have today.

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Wiltshire removals
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