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Wandsworth is a borough in southwest London that is considered part of inner London, and is not to be confused with the district of Wandsworth, within which it lies. This borough is a relatively young one, having only been incorporated in 1965. Compare that with some of the much older boroughs in the Greater London Area. But that doesn't mean that there isn't plenty to enjoy about Wandsworth. Even before it was incorporated, however, it had been around for quite some time. One slightly scandalous fact about Wandsworth that may leave you wanting to know more about the place is that its first mayor was an alleged opium baron.

There are other, more savoury things to know about Wandsworth, too. Like the fact that Pierce Brosnan went to school there, at the Elliot School, to be exact. His isn't the only centre of education that Wandsworth can brag about; there are a number of schools and colleges that are located in the borough. Green spaces are abundant as well, with three Metropolitan Open Spaces housed within the boroughs limits. Wandsworth Common is a great place to spend an afternoon. Wander through the common, take a look at the old wooden Wandsworth Common Windmill, then cross the railway over the footbridge at the common's open section. Head to “the Scope” to see the educational centre dedicated to wildlife. You can try your hand at bowling on the green, tennis or have an afternoon drink at the café.

Battersea Park is perhaps the most well known of the Metropolitan Opera Spaces and can be found across from Chelsea on the Thames' south bank. Take a walk to the Peace Pagoda and revel in the calmness found there. Even though the borough was not incorporated untl 1965, that doesn't mean that nothing happened here before then. The park stands on lands that were once used for duels, and the land has been parkland since an act was passed by parliament in 1846. Take in the petting zoo, the lake, some music at the bandstand or play sports there. Tooting Bec and Tooting Graveney Commons combined make up the third large green space - together known as Tooting Commons. This famous green space was even visited by Queen Elizabeth I herself, back in 1600.Moving Wandsworth man and van
There are a number of rail stations and tube stations located within the borough, so if you are thinking of making Wandsworth your home, a commute to anywhere in or around the city should be pretty easy. Head to the Wandsworth museum if you would like to know more about the area, which includes 15 separate localities all within the one borough.

If you are considering moving away from Wandsworth and all its green spaces, we can help you with any type of Wandsworth Removal Service that you many require. And if you are new to the area and need help locating a Wandsworth Storage service or Wandsworth Transport Service, Removal Company is who you should call for removals in and around Wandsworth. Call today on 020 3970 0488 and our friendly customer service representatives can help get your Wandsworth removal underway; you can even get a free removal quote for Wandsworth right over the phone. It is always a good idea to reserve the appropriate parking space for your moving van. This will prevent possible fines and speed up the loading of your belongings if the moving vehicle is parked right in front. Find the information you need here or call 020 8871 8871.
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