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Helpful Moving Hints


Our advice is that you allow professional removals to do the move for you - it will cost you a lot less than you thought and will save you  money by cutting down the risks of  damages to your furniture. Check our removal prices.

 Helpful Moving Hints 

 Handy Moves provides you with useful moving tips. Please select from one of our moving tips links below and let us help you make your move less stressful.

� Notify your telephone, electric, gas, water, and credit card companies in advance and get any meters read before you leave the property to avoid any unnecessary charges.
� Arrange for any mail to be re-directed to your new address from a specific date.
� Notify former employers. This will make tax time less taxing.
� Be present at the properties on �Moving Day� and give direction to the removal staff. Let them know what you want loaded first and loaded last.
� Obtain a copy of your inventory sheet from the foreman.

Double check his notations about existing damage to your goods.
� Have your insurance plan readily available in case of any little accidents. Hopefully you will have no use of this tip!
� Devise a system. You should label your boxes with their destination in your new home. Hang numbered signs on the doorposts of each room and write the same numbers on the appropriate boxes.

For example, 2nd Floor, Room 4. If you're handy with a pencil, sketch a sample layout of your house, number the rooms on it, and post the layout on the truck for reference.
� Load the boxes for the rooms you want to be unloaded first - last. Whichever room is located furthest from the entrance in your new home should have the first load of boxes. In other words, unload back to front. The kitchen should be completed at the very end though, because heavy appliances should go in the truck first.
� Don't forget to have your tools ready when you start unloading. You should put your toolbox in at the same time as everything else is loaded in the truck.
� Take all your valuable documents, items, and jewellery with you! Don't forget about your plants. Most are too sensitive to make a long journey in a hot, dark truck. If you can, take these with you in a separate vehicle to avoid any damage.

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