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Pcking your shoes


Packing your shoes is a similar to the other way of packing your clothes,carpets and any other type of your household.It is recommended to clean them well before start packing.Select some pairs for the garage sale or for a donation.Tie them -don't let the ties to go around them.Consider which pairs of shoes you will need when you settle in your new home.Take a spare pair of shoes together with the survival kits for your travel to your new home.Other ones which remain for packing have to be wrapped with a protection papper one by one.You can use the original boxes but this will take too much space.After wrapping put them in boxes or big plastic bags.Try to keep the shoes in pairs in reason not to loose time to match them while unpacking.If you intent to prevent the natural leather shoes you can use speacial shoe bags with ties at the top.This will stop some evetual outside influes like moisture and dust.Label the packages and advice the mover to put on the top of the other boxes.



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