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Have a Housewarming!


So, you finally have moved in to your new space. All your things are there—the paintings are hung, the pictures are displayed, your old furniture is sitting in rightly, and your appliances are now neatly placed. But, it still doesn’t feel like home. In fact, your new space is plainly just like a new place. It’s like a stranger that you don’t want to be with for long.

You may feel like you want to go back to your old space now.

But don’t. Actually, people who move have experienced the same thing, meaning, it’s just normal to feel strange in a still strange place. For that, why don’t you have a housewarming party?

You see, every end and beginning of our life is signified by an event. For instance, being a wedded coupled is marked by your wedding or entering a working profession field is indicated by your graduation.

This is similar to moving to a new space. You will only feel that you have finally moved to a new place with a housewarming party.

Why don’t you invite your new neighborhood, friends, and family to come over for the party? It will be a great way to celebrate this new beginning. The party does not have to be so glamorous, anyway. Just cook special and set a special music box and that’s it.

By having a housewarming party, you can now feel that this is another important beginning of you life. For sure, the strange feeling will be replaced with a familiar one and your new space will now be your home.


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