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Cool Moving Tips


Moving is a very stressful event. No matter how cool you are, if you are not properly prepared for your move, you will make your move like hell. So, here are some cool tips that you can do to have a safe and cool move.

Always be prepared. Planning is the secret to a successful move. You need to be prepared and plan ahead once you have chosen your move date.

Do not forget to make a list. After choosing your move date, start making your list of things that you need to let go and you will keep and pack.

Segregate and pack. Once you have completed your list, it is time to take action. Your first action is to clean your house per area. Using your list, throw that things that needs to be thrown away, put the things that needs to be given away in one place, and clean the things that you will need to pack.

Make a list.

This seems like a pointless task, but it will definitely be worth it. Make a list of everything that needs to be done, when it needs to be completed, by whom, and who the contacts are. It will help to simplify and distress some of the moving process.
Prepare your packing materials. Make sure to buy all your packing materials. This is to make your job easy and fast. You do not want to go outside every now and then because you need to buy another batch of boxes or packing tape. Do not forget to buy some bubble wraps, packing papers, collect old news papers, and markers.

Moving may not be an exciting experience, but doing these simple steps could give you more time and less stress in moving.

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