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Durable Ways to Move with Glasses


Every home surely has their precious glasses—be these kitchenwares or frame protectors. The popularity of glasses is perhaps because of their natural beauty. However, when you move, this vulnerable characteristic of a glass may not be that beautiful anymore. You risk breaking the glass every time you are planning to move.

Good thing, you don’t have to suffer the highest risk level because of the durable ways to move with glasses.

Here are some tips for a safe and sound moving with glasses:

   Separate the glass as much as possible when packing. For instance, if you will bring your picture frame or your glass door, then it’s a good idea to disassemble these things before packing the parts separately. This way, you can pack the glasses more effectively and safely.

   Wrap the glass with old newspaper. Any glass thing that you own should be wrapped with old newspaper as much as possible. This will make the glasses strong against inevitable shaking during the moving process.

Aside from old newspapers, you can also use old clothes or bubble wraps.

   Place the similar glasses together in a sturdy box. Maybe you have a box made out of plywood. You can use that for packing the glasses. Just make sure that in one box, only one kind of glass thing should be there. For instance, the box for glass sheets should only be for it while the box for glass-made cups should contain cups only.

Aside from packing glasses the right way, you should also take extra care when loading, unloading, unpacking or delivering these items. By being careful, you surely can guarantee your glasses to reach their destination without any breakage.

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