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Proper Cleaning and Packing of a Fridge for Moving


One-door, two-door, or side-by-side refrigerators all need a proper care when you move. You don't just put it in a box and deliver it to the new location. You need to properly clean it and then pack it the right way before moving it.


Make sure that the fridge is not plugged when you do this. Defrost also the ref before cleaning if it does not automatically defrost.

Now, take out all the fridge's contents and clean the inside and out of the appliance. Read the refrigerator's manual for the proper way to clean it. But most of the time, wiping it using a special appliance cleaner is recommended. You can use water but make sure to dry it completely before putting it in a box.


After cleaning and drying the refrigerator, pack it in its original carton. Use the original Styrofoam as well to prevent any unneeded shaking of the fridge during delivery.

If these are unavailable, simple tape the things inside the fridge to prevent these from falling or opening. The doors should be taped as well.

You can also put it in a big carton. Make sure to fill up excess space to prevent it from moving when it is loaded, delivered, and unloaded.

Ready to Move

Now, your fridge is ready for the move. One of the most important reminders aside from cleaning and packing is to move it on its upright position to keep the oil in the compressor.

Read your refrigerator manual. All the moving precautions you should do are already stated there.


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