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Mortgage Application Process: Key Things to Consider

You can't just obtain a mortgage without applying for one. This means that you should follow some steps crucial in the success of your loan application. Preparing is important for you to know what your lender demands. It is also your key to speed up the entire process.
What then are the key steps to the mortgage application process?
Here are a few of the requisites you need to comply with:
1. Approval or agreement in principle. With the help of an adviser, you may get your loan approval from your lender. This one is termed as "agreement in principle". This consists of the amount that your lender is willing to grant. The principle is based on some terms that you should comply with as the borrower.
2. Hiring of a licensed conveyancer. Drafting of contracts and other legal processes can be burdensome. You should seek help from this expert. Let him do the paperwork for you.
3. Give your lender a full mortgage application. Return the form to your lender. There are certain documents he may require from you as well. Proof of income and personal references are also needed.
4. Lender checks your credentials. He will do this through the references you have specified in the mortgage application. He may make added checks via your bank.
5. Valuation of property. Your lender will check if the home is properly valued. Make sure you also conduct your own checks on the home. Learn about its value and compare it with the lender's assessment.
6. Formal offer. Once the lender had made the necessary checks, you will then be given a formal offer for your loan.
After all these, your solicitor exchanges contracts with that of your seller. Take note that you should be prepared with your initial payment for the home.

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