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Reasons Why You Should Write a Moving Out Letter


Tenants also have their responsibilities and one of which is to inform their landlords about whether they like to renew the contract or wait for it to end and then move out. It is always a respectful gesture to give your landlord a formal notice when you want to leave the apartment. Now that your contract is ending, give at least 30 days of notice or utmost 60 days of notice.
This is why you need to write a moving out letter to explain your reasons of moving out.

It is through the letter that you will discuss when you are leaving and what preparations you are going to do in moving out. It should be done so that your landlord will have the time to look for a new tenant and clean the place for the next occupant.
Everything should be done accordingly.

If possible you can attach the inventory sheet of the furnished you were allowed to use to the letter so that it will serve as a reference that everything is returned and there will be no reason for the landlord to run after you. It is always a good feeling to move out in good terms with your former landlord and if you have been served well, you can even provide recommendations, too.


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