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Moving Out of State at the Last Minute

Relocating can be a daunting process, let alone moving to another state, let alone at the last minute! But lo and behold, people do and will-continue this practice. It's not entirely their fault either. A job offer, a natural disaster, a divorce, a sick family member, or even a whim can motive anyone to move on sudden notice.
So how does one go about preparing for such a life changing event? Assuming that you are willing to move in less than a month's time, I'll offer some advice on finding an apartment. I'll further assume that you know very little about your new city, but are open to temporary or permanent housing. And finally, I'll bet my chips that you want to live in a safe community with plenty of nearby amenities.
The first step is to find apartment communities within proximity of where you want to live and within the scope of your budget. It's easier said than done however, when you live hundreds if not thousands of miles away. Thankfully, there are helpful online resources for apartment state listings.
It's important that you begin your search with a reputable site. Not only is there a greater depth of listings and improved search tools, but you get peace of mind as well. The apartment communities listed pay to advertise, and are usually owned by major property management companies. Unfortunately, scammers are constantly on the prowl for unsuspecting apartment seekers. If not for this reason alone, you should begin your search with a prominent paid real estate listings aggregate, and not a free classifieds site.
Once you've found some nice apartment communities, sort through the various floor plans available for one that fits your budget. Be sure to double check the list of amenities offered such washer/dryer, fitness center, parking garage, pets, etc. For decorating ideas, view the photographs that are included with each listing.
Contact the apartment community you're interested in to see if there are any units available. Inventory changes on a daily, if not hourly basis, and it's important that the floor plan you select is reserved in your name. Many leasing consultants will be happy to process your application over the phone or online. After all, they stand to earn a commission if you move in. On that note, if he or she sounds too overeager to rent you an apartment, it could be a warning to stay away. Well managed apartment communities usually do not oversell themselves.
Now that you've put down a deposit on your new apartment, it's time to plan your move. Throw away junk you don't need and pack the stuff you want to keep.


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