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Why Move? The Reasons for a Removal

You are a young person, still living alone. You have been thinking about moving to a new home.
How can you be sure that this is the proper step to take?

So that you are able to decide whether to move or not, you have to analyze and find out your reasons for moving (in terms of advantages and disadvantages to you).

Here is a list of reasons that certainly may drive one to move from one home to another.

1.    You have been living in your present accommodation for a long time. You need some sort of change.
2.    Your present flat is no longer functional to you. This makes you feel uncomfortable and depressed.
3.    You have a landlord and/or landlady who you do not get along with or who are nosy or unresponsive.
4.    You are not in the best of relationships with your flatmate.
5.    More and more you feel the need to start living in the home you have dreamed of.
6.    Currently, you have the time and some money saved up to do a removal
7.    Nowadays, the real estate market provides better offers and you want to take advantage of this.

If you recognize most of these reasons, then obviously you are ready to undertake the challenge of moving.

Imagine that this will be your decision - to move. What advantages and disadvantages will you be faced with?

The general advantages of moving would be:
-    You will live in a better home.
This one still may not be the one from your dreams but certainly, a better home than the previous one. Getting a new home will be a change that will bring positive energy into your life. You will no longer feel depressed due to a non-functional and uncomfortable place.

-    You will live alone until you get married, something that you have always desired.
Living without co-tenants will bring you more freedom in designing and organizing your home as well as in activities you will be doing there. For example, you would not have the problem of inviting friends over any time you want to.

-    You will improve your living space in terms of infrastructure.
You may be able to better access transport facilities, have more shopping and entertainment areas available (supermarkets, open market, shops, bars and restaurants), park and sports opportunities, e in a neighbourhood with more young people around, etc.

-    You will be able to meet new people and thus, explore new opportunities in life

-    While moving, you will have the great opportunity to select and sort through all those belongings that you do not need.
You will consequently arrange and decorate your new home with belongings and objects that bring you positive feelings only.

These for sure will be limited in number, since you are pretty sure you want to move.
Some of the disadvantages would be:
-    To leave your favourite neighbours and to see more infrequently friends that will not be closely located to you after the move.
Of course, you still will be able to meet. You will also get the chance to invite them to your new home more frequently since you will be living there alone.

-    To no longer be able to go shopping in the places closely located to your previous accommodation, which you have grown accustomed to.
On the other hand, however, you may have better buying opportunities in the new place by having several food stores around and other kinds of shops.

-    To need to change your present bank office, hairdresser and other places like this you feel satisfied with and wouldn't want to switch.

In conclusion, our recommendation to everyone considering a removal would be to bravely undertake this step as long as you have good reasons for moving as well as the needed financial and other opportunities.


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