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Basic House Removals Rules

Have you ever wondered how do so many families around you manage successfully with their house move? Does it seem like mission impossible to you? If you don't know what the basic rules are, it may feel like it is too hard to manage indeed. However, literally anyone can organize a successful house move. Just keep in mind that millions of people all over the world move house every year and it is nothing to be scared of. If you don't want your house move to turn into a long and tiresome process which eats up a huge budget, make sure you read the following rules.

Plan and Organize: If you want to manage like a professional, don't expect that someone would simply show up at your door and offer you their assistance for the move. It is your house, your belongings and your move. The planning should start months before you even hire the moving company or the moving truck. Prepare a checklist, stick it to the fridge and discuss what needs to be done and when. Involve your family in the process and listen to them. Even if you have children and teenagers, remember that they have feelings and opinions too. Besides, if you want them to help it's best to inform them as soon as you know about the move

Some DIY Can be Useful:

Consider packing the easiest items yourself or with the help of friends and family - it will save you money and it is the perfect opportunity to go through your belongings and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. If you have packed electronics before, you might as well try to do that too, but remember to use the original boxes or if you don't have them anymore, get some proper ones.

Clean: Don't pack dirty belongings and furniture. Moreover, allow some time to clean after yourself. No matter whether you have sold the house or you've been renting it, make sure it's in a good condition. After you move in the new place, you should clean there too.

Check the Vehicle: Before you drive to the new place, make sure you take your car for a regular check-up. Take only your essential bags, valuables and personal documents in the car with you. Prepare some sandwiches, snacks and drinks for the road.

Be Ready for the Movers' Arrival: If the movers or the driver of the moving truck have to wait for you, you will be charged an extra fee. Make sure your boxes are packed and labeled properly and you have everything that has to be loaded into the truck within sight.

Tipping: You need enough cash on the moving day - for tips, extra expenses, food, etc.

Communication: It is really important to keep a good communication before the actual moving day and especially on the moving day. The movers usually arrive with their supervisor or moving agent, so if you have any questions, this is the person to discuss them with. Don't slow down the process just because something isn't clear to you.

Remember that a house move is not a burden, it is a big and important experience in your life, so if you don't want to feel frustrated, make it memorable and smooth. It really is up to you whether the move will go as planned or not.


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