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Removals Companies in Holland Park

Once you have found your perfect home in Holland Park, you will need to start thinking about moving your things into it from your current house.  The removal process can be very stressful or quite quick and pain free, if you choose the right removals company to help you. If you decide to  hire a van and move home yourself you will have a lot more work to do and you might not even save that much money in the long run, equally if you choose the wrong removals company they be more of a hindrance than a help making the move more stress full instead of stress free.

To start with, you should start researching removal companies in your area and make a list of firms to call for a quote and a mini interview.  Once you have your list of companies, you should make a list of questions that you want to ask so that you don’t forget any of them while you are talking, here are some of the questions you should include:•    What is the quote for your house removal?  Some things that may increase the costs include, when you want to move (peak season usually costs more), how much stuff you have to move (the company will need this information in size and weight) and whether any of it need special handling or a specific removal process (for instance a piano), the distance between your old and new home, any time constraints you may have and any other additional services you may require (such as packaging or storage), •    Is insurance included within this price? Can I pay extra for insurance? How am I, my property and my belongings covered under the insurance policy? •    Is the company a member of the British Association of Removers?  This is an association set up to help protect you, the customer, and your deposit, belongings and property, in order for companies to be a member of this association they have to work to a strict code of conduct.  These companies, as a result, often have better standards, processes, vehicles and trained professionals (rather than labourers).•    What experience does the company have?  Are all the staff trained and qualified? How many house removals did they do last year? •    What is the companies standard process during a house removal? When can I expect you to arrive and finish? How many employees will you send? Will they be uniformed and easily identifiable? What kind and sized van will you send? How long does the removal process usually take?•    Can you supply me with references? How many of your customers make a complaint? How does your company deal with complaints?Once you have called all of the removals companies you need to start deciding which company you would like to help you move house, if there are any companies that are a definite no then take them off the list now.  Research the rest of the companies online and read some real customer reviews on the services provided by each company.  When you are deciding which of the companies you want to use don’t just think about the quote that they have given you, make sure that the company is well established and is reputable.  Think about any additional services that they can offer you and what experience they have, sometimes it is worth paying a little bit more and going with a professional who can make moving home much more stress free, and offer you an abundance of help and advice.


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