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Whoever said that it is impossible to find a decent removals company who offer the right services to suit you has obviously never heard or had dealings with Amazing Moves. Although we are a professional and highly experienced and skilled team of staff, we believe that every one of our Luton customers should be charged a fair amount for their removal and must also receive the help and assistance during the duration of your move. Our company offers a full range of high quality, inexpensive removal services which have all been specially designed to fit conveniently in to the lives of our clients no matter what kinds of work or personal commitments you usually have during the day. We understand that fitting in time to pack and have the removals team relocate your personal or commercial belongings can be difficult, as most people’s lives are often already so crammed full and don’t allow for such time consuming extras. However, with our flexible operating hours and ability to be able to work around you and every other client who choose to hire us for their Luton relocation, you don’t need to worry about missing out on what you usually do in your everyday life because we can undertake your removal at any time. What other people and companies may consider to be ‘unsociable hours’, Amazing Moves considers to be part of a normal working day because there really is no time when we will not be able to move your items to their new home. Weekends, nights, early mornings, and holidays - you name it and we will be there to relocate you if you feel that any of these times would be a suitable time for you to move.

Luton is a borough and unitary authority of the county of Bedfordshire, which means that Bedfordshire does not have full control over the area. Luton is a relatively large town which is situated in the East of England region and covers an area which measures 43.35km2 in area. The town has a population of 203, 600 residents however, together with the Luton/Dunstable Urban Area the population is about 255, 000 people. The area is probably best known for being the town in which London Luton Airport is located. London Luton Airport is classed as a London airport even though the town of Luton itself is situated roughly 50km north of London. This has been known to cause some confusion amongst native English people and also amongst tourists who have chosen to fly in to Luton Airport when they visit England especially to see the capital city of London. Luton Airport was considered to be one of England’s major airports when it was opened in 1938 and still plays a large role as one of the country’s bigger airports even today. After the opening of the airport, Luton Airport was used as both an airport and as a RAF base during the time of the Second World War.

One of the area’s most famous attractions is its annual May bank holiday carnival, which is held for just one full day each year and is Europe’s largest one-day carnival. The University of Bedfordshire is based in Luton and Bedford, which are the two largest towns within the County of Bedfordshire and are where the university’s two main campuses are located. The university is relatively large and holds over 3, 000 international students and around 24, 000 students all together. As well as having its own campuses, the University of Bedfordshire has also teamed up with other education institutions and colleges so as to be able to offer a wider range of courses to the students in other areas.

For many years, the town of Luton was well noted for its hat-making, as well as being the home of the Vauxhall Motors head office and is also home to a very large Vauxhall Motors factory. Like many towns and cities all over England, Luton really began to grow during the 19th century, which was when the area’s population drastically increased. The first town hall was opened in Luton in 1847 and during the same year, gas street lights were put in place. By this time Luton had already received its own gas supply, which had been introduced in 1834. From this point and onwards the town began to develop tremendously. In 1854, Luton received its own printed newspapers and in the same year the first cemetry which was open to the public was opened. By the end of the 1860’s, the town had its own fully working water and sewage system. Moving Luton man and van

During the 20th century, Luton began to grow in the terms of economy too and much of its hat-making businesses were replaced with newer industries which produced products that there was more of a demand for.

You may have noticed that it is difficult to find a reliable removals company who handle a wide choice or relocations. Usually, many good companies will offer services aimed towards those who have a very large amount of items that need to be relocated. However, not every removal involves the moving of such a large item load and Amazing Moves know this, which is why we offer special relocation packages for all clients no matter where they are moving to or how many items they have to move with them. Our company will move any type of Luton mover, no matter whether they are relocating to a new commercial environment or to their new home. Our personnel understand that moving to a new home or working environment can be a frightening prospect which is why we want to make the experience better and less stressful for you in any and in every way that we can. We are waiting to hear from you so call 020 3970 0488 for more information on moving with us now.

Luton removals
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