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For tailor made relocation services that are specially made to suit you, for commercial and business moves that won’t affect your working hours or business and for a removal that can be performed quickly and successfully, choose Amazing Moves today. Our company doesn’t just offer convenient and fast office and commercial moves, but we can also provide you with equally as beneficial and smart house and apartment relocations. Moving can be difficult and does require a lot of hard work and careful planning, which is mainly due to the large amount of items that you must consider, pack and transport. However, apart from this we will take the stress out of every other aspect of your Norwich moving experience.

Located in the East of England region in the county town of Norfolk, Norwich is the administrative area of Norwich and is situated on the River Wensum. Norwich is a city as well as a Non-Metropolitan district and after London was formerly the largest city in England. However, this all changed after the industrial revolution. Up until the times of the industrial revolution, the county of Norfolk was England’s most popular county, which meant that Norwich was of course a very popular city due to the fact that it was the capital of the county.

For many years, Norwich was well noted for its breweries, as there were many breweries within the city. Steward and Patteson, Bullard and Son, the Norwich Brewery, Youngs Crawshay and Morgas were the main breweries in the area for a long time up until the 20th century. During the 1950’s and 1960’s many of the breweries were taken over and although this didn’t affect some of the breweries at the time, it eventually meant that most of the breweries in Norwich closed down. By the 1970’s, there was only one of the original main breweries which remained and by 1985, all of the major breweries had closed down and the building themselves were then demolished.

Like many of the busy and larger cities of England, Norwich suffered at the hands of the German bombers in the Second World War. The area was badly bombed and many of the building and properties were destroyed. Many of the Victorian terraced houses, along with a big part of the city centre were badly damaged and some destroyed as a result of the bombings. The city’s industry, shopping area and other large concerns served as a prime target for the German bombers. Large parts of the affected areas then had to be reconstructed later on after the war. Moving Norwich man and van

Although Norwich is no longer considered the second largest city of England, like it once was before the industrial revolution, there are still many things to see and do in the district. There are several theatres within Norwich, as well as a university and very attractive shopping area. Norwich Cathedral serves as a famous landmark and can be found in the city centre close by to Tombland. Should you take a stroll down Gentleman’s Walk, you will notice the wide range of different types of architectural work along the way. Despite the bombings and damage to the city in World War II, surprisingly one of the streets which still remains fully intact is Elm Hill. Elm Hill is a historical, cobbled medieval street, which is lined with buildings which originate from the Tudor times.

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Norwich removals
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