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Hertfordshire removals

Amazing Moves offers a full range of low priced and efficient removal services for all kinds of Hertfordshire movers. Whenever you decide that you are ready to make the next step in your relocation process and book relocation with a removals company, make sure you make the right choice and choose our team for your Hertfordshire removal. Our company is capable of undertaking all types of efficient and reliable relocation services for anyone who is relocating to a new home, apartment, office, work space or wherever. We are used to handling all types of moves no matter whether it is a student move, domestic or commercial move or even if you are looking for a removals team to relocate your belongings in to a self storage container. Throughout the years in which we have been moving clients to their new homes and working environments, our team has earned an excellent reputation as being the reliable, efficient and reputable choice for your Hertfordshire relocation. There is no point choosing a less experienced or unreliable removals team to relocate your work or personal belongings when for the same price of less you can hire Amazing Moves for the task and rest assured knowing that you are dealing with the best experts in the business. Every relocation service that we offer comes complete with a removals vehicle and the help of our excellent and professional removals team. Request a quote today for your Hertfordshire relocation by calling 020 3970 0488 now.

As a part of the East of England region, the county of Hertfordshire is both a ceremonial and Non-Metropolitan county. The county covers a total area of 1, 643km2 and is home to approximately 1, 119, 800 inhabitants. Hertfordshire borders Greater London, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. The main town within the County of Hertfordshire is Hertford, which is also the area’s county town. In the county’s emblem, there are a total of three dears pictured – one is on the shield and then the other two are on either side of the shield and appear to be holding it. It is coincidental that the Hertfordshire emblem has dears on it, as the name Hertfordshire was taken from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘heort ford’ which means dear crossing. The first mention of Hertfordshire was in 1011 in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. It is thought that Hertfordshire has been inhabited by humans since the times of the Middle Stone Ages.

Throughout the years Hertfordshire expanded and developed quite a lot. By the time of the early 20th century, Hertfordshire’s population had increased dramatically as a result of it being conveniently close to England’s capital city of London. It was mainly after the industrial revolution that Hertfordshire really began to grow and the population soared dramatically. During the year of 1903, the town of Stevenage redeveloped under the New Towns Act 1946 and was the first town to do so. In the same year, the town of Letchworth was announced as the first garden city in the world.

For around sixty years, between the 1920’s and 1980’s, Hertfordshire was home to one of the country’s well known and most popular TV filming studios. The filming studios were based in the town of Borehamwood, one of which was the MGM-British Studios and was where many popular films were made. The 1996 James Bond film ‘Golden Eye’ was filmed here, as were other films and television programs including: The Harry Potter sequel, The UK’s Big Brother, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Eastenders and the first of the three Star Wars films.
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Although there are a lot of developed and built up areas within the county, a large part of the land is used for agricultural purposes. One of the main produce to come from the agricultural side of the county was water-cress. Within the developed areas of Hertfordshire, you will find many of the headquarters for well known businesses and companies. Some of the company headquarters to be based in the County of Hertfordshire are: Tesco, DSG International, Hoffman-La Roche, Comet, Skanska, GlaxoSmithKline, JD Wetherspoon and more.

There is a wide range of activities, well known landmarks and interesting places to visit within Hertfordshire. You will find a wide choice of country parks, historical buildings to admire and other free entertainment. On the other hand there is also a good choice of places of interest which may require you to pay a small entry cost when you visit. St. Albans Abbey, Ashridge House and the Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum are three of the well noted visitor attractions within the county.

Our company undertakes all kinds of house, apartment, bungalow and student moves. But it’s not just the average domestic type of relocation that we will handle, because we have equally as much experience and expertise to take on any type of commercial, employee or office removal too. We know that it can be hard work taking on the responsibility for your employees if you are taking charge of their commercial relocation, which is why here at Amazing Moves we strive to guarantee that the process of moving goes as plain sailing as possible and more times than not it does. The goal of our company is to complete your removal process in as least time as possible without causing you any problems in the process. Only with our company will you have an enjoyable and calm relocation experience whilst not having to pay the earth for our efficient and professional removal services. In addition to performing fast and efficient relocations that aim to eliminate the stress from the moving process, our company will also be happy to undertake any last minute move should you find yourself with not much time left until your forthcoming move. We are sure that we are just the team to conduct your Hertfordshire relocation so call 020 3970 0488 to make sure that you don’t miss out on an easier way to move.

Hertfordshire removals
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