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No matter where your Peterborough takes you to and no matter the kind of property that you are moving from or to, Amazing Moves are here and will remain by your side right through the whole duration of the move. Our team are experts when it comes to managing any kind of relocation and to ensure that every member of our team knows what he or she is doing and in order to provide all of our customers with top quality removal services, our team are assigned their own particular moves to take care of in accordance to their strengths and experience in that particular type of relocation. There are very few removal companies that offer such professional removal services at affordable prices and that will also take the time and effort to tailor make each relocation package to specially suit each individual customer who decides on hiring Amazing Moves for their Peterborough move. We are well used to handling office, student, home, apartment, employee and other types of moves on a weekly basis and so our personnel are ready at any time to manage your move too. We are the professional is successfully moving customers to their new homes and work spaces and are the right company for you to choose for your forthcoming Peterborough relocation. Relocating has received a bad name over the years, as so many people believe that it an incredibly stressful time and comes with a heap of problems. However, this is not always the case and should you decide to make the right choice of booking your move with our company, we guarantee that you will not regret it because we endeavor to undertake the best relocation services every time!.

Peterborough is a unitary authority area in the East of England region and is also a cathedral city. The city has a population of around 184, 500 people and covers an area which measures 343.38km2. Peterborough belongs to the county of Cambridgeshire for ceremonial purposes. The area is well noted for its rather flat terrain and the land in some points comes below sea level. The city shares borders with Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire to the north, Rutland and Northamptonshire.

During the Anglo-Saxon period, there was a monastery built in Peterborough which was named Medeshamstede. Medeshamstede monastery later became known as Peterborough Cathedral. The all important railway lines were put in place in Peterborough during the 19th century. The railway system served and is still and important way of transportation in the area. The first railway lines began operating in the 1840’s but only local journeys were offered at this point. It wasn’t until a few years later in 1850 when the Great Northern Railway Company had a main line put in which ran from London to York. This useful and extremely beneficial railway line and as it passed through Peterborough, the area received a lot more interest and popularity. The London to York railway line helped to transform Peterborough from a small market town to a developed and industrial city, which it is today.

It was during the twentieth century when Peterborough really grew and became more developed. Between the years of 1971 and 1991 the population of the city grew by almost 50%. The increase in population was most likely due to the growth industry and businesses in the area. By middle to the late twentieth century, Peterborough had already welcomed new companies to the city like for example: Thomas Cook and Pearl Assurance. The city received around £1 billion which was used for the redevelopment of the city in 2006. The money was used to redevelop and improve the city centre and some other surrounding areas of Peterborough. Moving Peterborough man and van

Peterborough is home to a wide variety of arts and other entertainment. The city holds an annual CAMRA beer festival, Peterborough Festival and the East of England Show. Each of these annual events is usually held during the summer months, normally in either July or August. These annual festivals are extremely popular amongst both the local residents of Peterborough, as well as visitors from surrounding towns and cities. Another form of entertainment in the area can be found at The Key Theatre which is located next to the River Nene. The theatre, which was built in 1973, shows a variety of productions which aim to entertain the audience. As well as the usual comedy, drama, musical and other types of shows that the theatre puts on, the Key Theatre also shows more educational productions to teach its viewers of the history and culture of Peterborough.

After all of the planning, perhaps even selling or renting out your current property and deciding on where to move to, the one and only main task left to complete is actually relocating. Finding the time to fit the move in to your everyday life, which is probably already full of the usual daily working and personal duties which you must take care of can be difficult and it may seem like there is never a good time to move. However, with Amazing Moves you will have the choice to choose any time at all that is best for you to relocate and whenever that time is, our team will be there to make sure your removal is completed at the time that you have chosen!. Gone are the days when the removals company chooses when you move and has you doing things on their terms because here with us, our company policy is that we work around our clients. Never again will you feel that moving is stressful or that you are alone during the process, because we have it all covered!. For the moving experience that you will remember with fond memories call 020 3970 0488 now!.

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I respect a business that arrives in time and gets the work done within the time they told me. Great customer service is hard to find, but Amazing Moves does a great house removals job.

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