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Huntingdonshire removals

Amazing Moves offers a full and comprehensive list of removal services which are made to suit the individual lives and relocations of every single client. Our range of Huntingdonshire removal services means that we can offer you the right type of service for all of your relocation needs. We understand that your move is probably fast approaching and therefore you are on the search for the least stressful and easiest option to have your personal belongings moved from your current home or work environment. Even if there is still a fair amount of time remaining before the big moving day arrives, you will probably want to start planning the next stages of the process to ensure that everything is well organise and that you are fully prepared for the relocation. Our company manage both last minute removals and also of course those which are planned far in advance and we will also transport any item load no matter what of the size.

Huntingdonshire is a county which is made up of the areas of Huntingdon, St. Ives, Ramsey, Godmanchester and St. Neots. The county, which forms a part of the region of East England, is a historical county and was an administrative county. Huntingdonshire is a non-metropolitan district of Cambridgeshire which is a non-metropolitan county. Huntingdon is the administrative headquarters for the county of Huntingdonshire. Huntingdonshire has a population of 170, 000 inhabitants and measures 912.5km2 in area. The county was an administrative county between the years of 1889 and 1965; it was also a ceremonial county up until the year 1965.

The popular winter sport, which is known as ‘bandy’ was first invented in Huntingdonshire in around the 19th century. The game is similar to ice hockey and is of course played on ice. The game requires two teams and each member of the team must have their own bandy stick, which is similar to a hockey stick. Although the game ‘bandy’ was created in the county of Huntingdonshire, similar games had already been invented in countries such as Russia. The Russians had already invented a game very similar to this one and the game had been played regularly since the 10th and 11th century. It is most likely due to the cold temperatures, snow and ice in parts of Russia that made the game popular there too. In fact, many of the soviet countries had been playing such games for years before the invention of ‘bandy’. The English version of bandy however, is now an extremely popular sport and each year many tournaments and competitions are held. The first ever Bandy World Championships were held in the year 1957. The championships were then held every two years from 1961 and then from 2003 they were held every year. This winter sport is often compared with the well known ice hockey however; the game differs slightly by its rules and also given the fact that a ball is used instead of a puck. Bandy requires two teams, each of which has eleven players on each team. It was during the years of 1813 and 1814 when the first recorded bandy game was played in The Fens, England. England experienced a big frost across these years and the weather was very cold, which is how the game was most likely invented.
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Leave the work to us whilst you can continue as usual with your daily life and look forward to arriving at your new commercial or domestic property in Huntingdonshire. Amazing Moves is a company that has more than enough experience, skills and equipment to relocate you to your items to your new property, so no matter whether you are moving your home or business, we are the team to contact!. Call the experts today on 020 3970 0488 and start enjoying your relocation now!.

Huntingdonshire removals
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With this company's assistance, the process went smoothly as their diligent workers moved swiftly and secured everything perfectly for transport while charging more competitive prices than others in the industry.

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As professional moving services go, the service this company provided me in Huntingdonshire was pretty much faultless. They tackled everything asked of them. There were no delays and no dramas.

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The reviews on this removals company are true! I've used another high-rated moving place, but they sent a bunch of amateurs late that put scratches on my walls and furniture. This moving team kept all my things intact, and that was a blessing.

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