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Moving Abroad is More about Planning than Luck, so Get Planning

So you've decided to take the plunge, pack your bags and head off into a new culture and language in a new country. You are preparing for a new life among new neighbours who will certainly have different customs and habits than you are used to. Every year thousands of people leave the UK to seek something different abroad. Maybe it is better job prospects you are after, or a more relaxed way of life. Maybe you need a little more sunshine in your life, or you want to hit the open road and just see what comes your way. Whatever your reasons and intentions when you begin Moving Abroad, those sunny dreams can quickly become shrouded over by the dark clouds of the process of moving.

No one really like the act of moving, except the movers, of course. The most people are excited about a coming adventure or the promise of a better life, but before you can reap the benefits of Moving Abroad, there are a few matters that you should give serious attention to. Aside from the important tasks of choosing a Removal Services company for your international removal and packing your belongings, you should also put some thought into the type and amount of Packing Materials that you need. Then create a plan for packing up all your household goods so that nothing gets broken or damaged en route to your new country of residence.

But those aren't even the most important aspects of an international removal that you need to consider. The most important things to remember involve your finances, your current home, your family and your health. Many people think that all they have to do is call Amazing Moves to arrange a packing date and a move out date and the rest of the details can be ironed out sometime in the future. Well, we at Amazing Moves know that this is not the case. How to we know? We have years of experience and have seen everything from smooth, successful international removals to harried, fatigued families who are Moving Abroad without adequate planning.

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Let's take a look first at finances


One important thing to do is check with all of your financial institutions to make sure you will be able to keep your accounts open and active. You never know when you may need to use them, so don't empty them out and close them all. Keep at least one account with a balance in it for emergency purposes. Also, sign up for e-billing wherever possible. That way you will have real-time access to your finances instead of waiting for bills to be forwarded by post, which could take a long time and lead to delinquent accounts! That could be a real damper on your new and exciting plans.


Find out what your benefits and tax liabilities are before you go. You don't want any surprises when it comes to finances after you arrive in your new home, as communications could be more difficult and expensive from abroad. And lastly, if you are retiring abroad determine what needs to be done for you to access your pension and whether you will have any fees associated with transferring funds to your new accounts. These may seem like details that can wait, but don't leave them until the last minute. The headache is not worth the procrastination, to be sure.


Now you can start thinking about your current home

Are you selling your house? Putting it up to let until you return? Maybe your lease is up and you don't need to think too much about it, but otherwise, some planning is in order. An empty home is a magnet for fraudsters and scam artists, so make sure you have someone who can check on the property and collect the mail for you. If you are letting out your home, you may need storage for your things. Amazing Moves can help you there too. Just visit the Storage section of our website and find out for yourself how inexpensive this option can be, especially if you aren't ready to let go of some your things that have sentimental value. We can all become attached to our things, so putting them in storage is an easier solution than parting with them.

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As for the family, make sure you spend some time with the relatives you will be leaving behind. Write down everyone's address and email so you can stay in touch. And though international calls are expensive, it is important to have phone numbers as well, in case of an emergency or a birthday. For the family members that will be relocating with you, spend some time finding out what is difficult for them, especially the kids, and try to help them cope with this big change.

It's easy to get caught up in the long list of tasks, but the children will appreciate you taking the time to communicate with their teachers so they aren't left behind, and to make sure you aren't leaving behind any valuable items that they simply don't want to be without. Pets are important family members too, and they can feel stressed out by the turmoil as well. Make sure they are being properly cared for, fed and exercised, plus, getting out for a walk will do everyone some good during this stressful time.

Stress can be quite detrimental to your health, so plan to maintain your exercise routine and get enough sleep so that you can take on the challenge of Moving Abroad. But aside from your current physical health, prepare yourself for your future healthcare as well. Find out if your current insurance offers overseas coverage. Also try to locate medical providers before you even move - that way, you will know what to do in an emergency if someone gets injured or sick right when you arrive.

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Why does Amazing Moves offer all this help and information about Moving Abroad in addition to a comprehensive list of Removal Services? We want you to have the best move possible. That's why.

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It was a pleasure to move with this removal company. They really went the extra mile. I strongly recommend hiring them. Opting to move with another firm would be a crime.

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The office relocation job was handled very professionally by their experts. They showed that they're a professional, experienced firm of commercial move handlers from the onset.

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This moving company was responsive. They got back to me right away with a quote for my job. I was more than happy with the quote and what they had to say. All things considered, hiring them was a no brainer.

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It was the first time I'd had to hire a house removals service. I made sure to do plenty of research to hire the right firm. I found the perfect company for my move in this company.

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