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London Removals : Your Friendly London Moving Guide

You will not be wrong, at any chance, if you decide to move to London. With its great culture and scenes, this city is a great place to reside. However, this is not the cheapest city you can be at. Much more, this is not the city that is so easy to move to.

Perfect Areas To Move To In The City

The following lists the areas that are beautiful to move to in the city of London:

North london

If you wish to feel industry in where you live, North London is the place to choose. This place houses various public transport, tube stations, and businesses. Highgate, Hampstead, and Archway are great towns to choose in this area. They offer various large parks and several choices of restaurants as well as pubs.

North West London

This is the area where busy markets and night life are on the rise. Places to consider here include Kilburn, Willesden Green, Wembley, Notting Hill, and Camden.

West London

Most houses you can rent and purchase in West London are a lot cheaper compared to properties in North London. This is the area that has become the relocation destination of Kiwis and Aussies. Some places to check out here include Hammersmith, Shepherd's Bush, and Acton.

South London

This is an area where you will be offered a lot of greenery and parks. Battersea, Clapham, Wandsworth, and Brixton are ideal places to consider your homes.

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Usual problems you may encounter

The prices of properties to move to in London are one of the problems that one may find it difficult to deal with. This is especially true if you are running on a budget. However, if you will consider buying a place or renting a house right in London's surrounding counties, you will find that the rates of houses there are considerably cheaper. The counties include Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Surrey, Kent and Essex. Commuting to work from these counties will make you spend around �1,000 to �2,500 for a year.

Another common problem for removals London is the parking. It is important that your removal van has a parking permit. If you are moving from out of the city, it is better to hire a removals London company so chances of being stuck in traffic will not be a possibility. If you hire a removal van without direct knowledge of the streets of London, you will find yourselves spending several hours just to locate your new place. However, this will not be much of a problem if the van man you hire uses a navigation system. So choose a removals London company that can provide you the ease you need in your move.

London can be the most ideal place to move to. However, this is only true if you have the right knowledge in terms of the city. Though the city may not be friendly when your removal day comes, the burden can be eased out if you have the right guide in your moving activity.

Tips and tricks for moving out and moving in

Some people have said that moving can be quite a traumatic and stressful experience. However, this need not be so in everybody's case. Moving out and moving in can become easy and smooth if a person follows the following steps.

Pre-moving tips and suggestions for removals London


Having a good night's sleep before the moving out day is a good practice. The moving out day can be long and tiresome that he needs all the concentration and energy he can muster. It will be a good idea if the person could take the day-off before the moving out day or if not he can make it during the weekend.


If a person has children, it is better that he hire a babysitter during the loading and unloading process. Pets should be put in a room so that they are not in the way and would avoid being hurt.


Before the movers arrive, it is suggested that the house be cleaned. The person must ensure that every room and closet is searched, ensuring that nothing is left behind. The movers must be able to give notification at least 24 hours before they arrive. In this way, he has enough time to prepare for their arrival.

During the move tips

When the movers arrive, the person must be sure that he is there in the duration of the move. This would give him the maximum control over the activities of the movers. However, if it is not possible for him to be there, he must make sure that a trusted authority is present to make the decisions. The representative must know what he expects and the movers should also be aware that he is the proxy authority because he might be asked to sign documents.

The person must not forget to turn over his keys, garage door remote control devices and alarm codes to the new owner or real estate agent. If he is leaving some appliances, better to leave behind the warranties and manuals.

The person or his representative must make sure that he stays home until the last item is packed. To make sure that nothing is missed, he must make a final inspection before the movers depart. It is also suggested that he take photos of the furniture before it is packed so that he has a photographic proof of the condition of his furniture.

He should also leave his phone connected throughout the moving day. When he leaves the house, he must load it in his bag and plug it immediately to his new home. He should have made arrangements to the new phone company that his phone shall be activated on the day he arrives on his new home.

The person must give clear and accurate directions to his new home. The movers must also be notified on any problems that they might encounter during the transport of the items. He should also always be available to the movers in terms of providing telephone numbers to contact in the new destination.

If the person wants his goods to be unpacked, he would have to notify the movers in advance. If not, he must notify them where particularly to place the furniture and appliances.

He must ensure that all his things have arrived safely and completely before signing the inventory sheet, which acknowledges the receipt of all items. If he has seen some loss or damage, he can report this to the moving agent.

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Do you know about London?

London's vast urban area is often described using a set of district names (e.g. Bloomsbury, Mayfair, Whitechapel).

Steps to follow when hiring a removals company for your move

If you want to have a smooth removals, you should plan everything including hiring a London removals company. But before that you should first assess your things so you can get accurate quotes later on. You should know which of your things need to be transported. You should also know which ones you are going to disposed and which ones you are going to be put in storage.

Make a shortlist of removals companies to hire

You need to consider several London removals companies before hiring one. You need to find out which companies are known to provide quality service. The best sources of information are family and friends who have recently moved or have experience in hiring removals companies. But if you cannot get any recommendations from them, your next best resource would be the Internet. You can visit sites that offer reviews and testimonials.
You should then check the companies individually. You should consider the companies that have been in business longer as they would have more experienced and more skilled people. You should check whether the companies have ever received complaints. After doing your research, you should have at least have 3 companies in your list.

Contact the removals companies for quotes

Once you have the list, you should also contact them to ask your questions regarding their services. From your interaction you will be able to gauge whether the company offer great customer service. If they are able to answer most of your questions more clearly then they really are true professionals. They should also answer you in a polite manner.

It would be better to have the London removals companies take a look at your things so you can get a more accurate quote from them. In fact, it would be best to get written and binding quotes so you can be sure that you will only pay such amount should you choose a particular removals company later on. Of course, to ensure that you will not get surprise additional prices you should have the quote detailed right from the start. This would even help you decide on which company offers the best deal.


Compare prices and London removals services

With several quotes in your hands, you should start checking out each of them and compare them with each other. The lowest quote isn't automatically the obvious choice. You should also check what services are included in the quote to ensure that you are comparing comparable quotes. For all you know, the quote that offers more services for a slightly higher rate could end up being cheaper.

Book early removals London

Once you've decided on hiring a specific London removals company, book them early to ensure that they will be available on the day you plan to move. This would also give you time to look for other companies should your first choice not be available. Or, you could also change the date and hire the same company for a lower rate.

About London

There are a number of different ways in which London can be defined.


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