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You may be moving from another country, you may be moving from just down the road. All that matters to us is that you are moving to Addington. We are removals experts that specialise in getting people into their new homes in the district. So why not call 020 3970 0488 and see how we could help you.

The stress that comes with relocating should not be interested. If it is just you there is a list of tasks as long as your arm that you need to complete, and that’s before you think about how on earth you are going to get your belongings from A to Addington. If you are moving the entire family things get even more difficult – as well as that same list of tasks you may have to find new schools for the children and do your best to re-assure them as you pack their comfortable surroundings into boxes.

With hassle around every corner it makes sense to enlist the help of the experts. We offer a multitude of different removal services, all of which can be chopped and changed to build the perfect removal for you. We have storage units for hire, man and van services available, we will even do all your packing and unpacking for you if you so wish. We can provide a bare-bones removal all the way up to the ultimate in hassle free, what it all comes down to is what you want balanced against what you can afford. It is all a matter of compromise and moving home is expensive enough without worrying about the cost of removals. Which is we as Addington movers take every step to make sure there is a service available for every person in the midst of a relocation.

One thing is for certain however, we think you will enjoy living in Addington. One of the greener parts of the London borough of Croydon, the district has a rich history that dates all the way back to Anglo-Saxon times. The district is thought to be named after a Saxon name Edda, and two manors are noted as existing here in the Domesday book.  Over the years it has become known as Addington village, and even in the modern day it retains a rural air despite a substantial amount of development.

Addington Palace is the most obvious landmark in the area, sitting above St Mary the Blessed Virgin Church, which was built in 1080 and has seen an Archbishop of Canterbury buried there five times. The Palace is however much more modern, having been built in the mid-18th century by a future Mayor of London whose origins lay in Boston, USA. The district is also home to Addington Cricket Club, one of the country’s oldest cricket clubs still in operation, while all around the district lie nature reserves and areas of green land.

When it comes to moving to Addington, let Amazing Moves take care of it by calling 020 3970 0488. You have enough to worry about just getting used to the idea of relocating, so it makes sense to enlist the help of the experts to carry out the removal and take one thing off your mind. We will provide a pillar of trust that you can rely on, giving you peace of mind that your property is in good hands, leaving you to concentrate on yourself and your family (and possibly your new job!. If you do enlist the service of our removals team, we would ask that you make sure a parking space is available outside your home so we can park our Addington removals van easier. Take one weight of your mind, let us carry out your removal.

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Postcode CR0, CR2 nearby postcodes SE25, CR7, CR8, BR3 ,BR4, SM6

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From start to finish, we were blown away by the exceptional service and unbeatable value provided by these outstanding movers.

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We planned for our office relocation to Addington to be completed during the course of a single afternoon. We booked Amazing Moves and they delivered as promised. It was a great moving experience, a monumental day for the business.

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R. Woods

I got quotes from most of the removal services in the Addington area and the only one fitting to our price range was Amazing Moves. In addition to their lower rates, their movers are quite good.

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