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Kennington, a district in the Borough of Lambeth, is located in south London. Some of the area falls in the Borough of Southwark as well. Two of its most famous landmarks are The Oval, a cricket ground that is played by teams from all over the world, and the national museum, the Imperial War Museum. This mainly residential area is a little under 1.5 miles south of Charing Cross. It has the label of a historically significant Royal manor. It is separated from the Vauxhall manor by a tributary of the River Thames called the River Effra. Today, the smaller river runs underground in a culvert. The area used to contain a royal palace, built by the son of Edward III. The area became a suburban garden are, with parks and green spaces enjoyed by residents who lived in terraced houses.

Many of the large, beautiful houses in Kennington were divided into flats during the first half of the 20th century, but gentrification again changed the area after that. Much of Kennington was established as a conservation area by the Lambeth Council during the 1960s. Because of its proximity to the city centre and good transport links with popular parts of London like the West End, gentrification has been taking place in recent years. The former Kennington Common is now part of Kennington Park, which has the distinction of being south London’s first public park. It has been established as on of London’s Royal Parks. One interesting fact is that this park was once used for executions and later for public and religious gatherings.
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Kennington is known as having affordable housing and many young people moving into London are attracted to it. Shopping can be had at Kennington Cross and to the south on Kennington Road and Kennington Lane. Vincent Van Gogh, Bob Marley and Charlie Chaplin all lived here at one point during their lives, so you will be joining a number of famous former residents.

If Kennington is to be your new home or base of operations for a business, you will probably need some help getting there. You may need Kennington storage for the time between your move out and your move in dates or while you finish remodeling or painting the new place. Amazing Moves can not only pack and transport all your belogings, but we can provide you with a safe and secure storage space as well. Don’t forget to save a parking space by contacting the Borough of Lambeth well ahead of your move in date. Check on the website for information about parking, then you are ready to start packing. Also, remember to do a good clearing out prior to packing, so you can reduce the number of boxes and the amount of space on the moving vehicle that you will need.

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