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You might be moving in. You might be moving out. Whatever your plans are in Cheam you can operate under the assurance that we know the area as well as any of the locals, and not only that, our thorough service will help to take some of the stresses and strains out of the moving process.

So what is it we are talking about here?. Well you know that moving house can be stressful. You might know this first hand or it could be a case that this is your first move and you are still finding out information from friends and family to form your opinion. They will probably have told you that there are countless issues. Firstly, you have the packing to take care of, all on your own. Then, your removal company send too many men or too small a van, either way ensuring that you don’t get value for money. Then they break half your possessions because they don’t seem to care particularly about your stuff or perhaps don’t have the training to look after them. Even worse, after all that stress you have to unpack all on your own!.

We do things a little bit differently. Imagine getting help with both packing and unpacking. Imagine a company that conducts a removals assessment days or even weeks beforehand to ensure that they send the appropriate number of highly trained, experienced removal experts and a van which is the perfect fit for your possessions. Imagine a team who are only ever a phone call away for every need, from tips on moving washing machines to ideas for getting the kids involved. You are imagining a reality!. You’re thinking of Amazing Moves and they are available to help you with your SM3 move on [PHONE NUMBER} today.

Cheam is split into two main areas, with the North Cheam area devoted more to retail shops and supermarkets which service the local area, and then Cheam Village which is more residential.

Cheam itself dates back to about 1019, when it was owned by Chertsey Abbey. T appeared in the Domesday Book as a place for the monks to live  it was under the control of the Archbishop Lanfranc of Canterbury. By the Middle Ages, it was famed for its pottery and also Cheam school which was, as the name suggests founded here before moving to Whitehall in 1645. Moving SM3 man and van

Cheam village is an upmarket part of Cheam which has attracted a number of high end shopping and catering facilities to entice the commuters who make up the majority of this town. North Cheam is about a mile north and also has a number of bus services which connect it to Heathrow Airport and then Croydon.

After you have given us a ring on 020 3970 0488 we are afraid that we do haev one little favour to ask. As you will no doubt be aware, as part of Greater London athe parking in the area is controlled by Sutton Borough Council. As a result, to ensure we are close to your front door on moving day to book us a parking spot on moving day. After all, the closer we are to you, the quicker, safer and less stressful the moving process is. After that, we promise it is us who does all the favours for you, so what are you waiting for?. Give us a ring today!.

SM3 removals
Moving House, Man and Van SM3 Removals
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Postcode Cheam nearby postcodes SM1, SM2, SM4, KT4

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L. Orton

What their movers did for me during that all-important day meant I'll remember moving day in SM3 for all the right reasons.

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Iwona H.

These house movers were friendly and professional. They also did an amazing job carrying the boxes into my new home in SM3, which is great!

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Paul W.

Moving during a pandemic has been a crazy amount of stress. Amazing Moves made things a little easier for me. 10/10!

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Ernie West

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