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Your winter garden stuff


If you are living in a beautiful home and have created your garden inside-this is wonderful. But here comes the time that you are moving to a new home and it's tragedy for the garden because is really complicated ,but not impossible to move it to your new place.


You already know the date of moving and have arrange all points. Be sure that you have enough time to manage with the winter garden too. The moving of the flowers is not so complicated but you will need much more time for all of them. You have bought some supplies like special bags to put the plants with the soil inside.

Also you should think over a place in your car where to put the plants. The moving van is not a good place for them. If don't have enough space put the bags in a box and the box on the top of all other in the van. Have in mind that the winter garden is not only the plants.

You have to collect all the pots together -put each top in the other making a pile of them. Use a box to put and move them. If you have some special ceramic pots use padding material all around them.

Get together the other stuff from your garden like: spades, watering -cans, gloves, clippers and some preparations for your plants. Pack each other in a bag, if some have sharp edges wrap them with padding material in reason to avoid some accidents. Put all the bags in a box and labelled it.


If you have some artificial fountains use more wrapping materials to avoid brakes. Put in suitable box and mark as fragile.

You can always get packing advice from your local moving companies !



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