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Family and Friends


Packing yourself and handling with do-it-yourself service is a good decision if your move bidget is not so high.Here you will need the help of your family ,friends and neigbours.Follow some organization plan in advance and inform them that you'll will appreciate their help in the moving day and before that.Observe their working and other schedule and don't ask them to decline some important engagements.Have in mind that it often happen some unexpected duties to arise.The result will be that someone of your helpers might not show when you expect him/her to.One person more or less would not stop the whole procedure but if you miss all of them -this will be a serious problem.You cannot afford to stay alone with all the work concerning your move so you should have a back-up plan.This means that you can contact more friends and neighbours in reason to ensure their presence in  the moving day.If all of them come at the exact day and hour this will be a great plus for you and your smooth and easy move.



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