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Tips on Transporting Your Pet Fishes


Having a Fishful Move?
Tips on Transporting Your Pet Fishes

Moving houses also involve transporting your pets. If you feel the stress so do your pet fishes. That is why care must also be practiced to ensure their safety and survival.

Fishes are small and they can be so delicate. Most people prefer to hire the removals company to handle the packing and transportation of their pets. Being experienced in these things they would likely be able to take care of your pet fishes the best way possible.

At times though, you may have to do it yourself. The important thing really is to maintain their environment as much as possible. Fishes are usually sensitive to changes in water type. So, what you can do is to pack water from their aquarium in a trash bag. Use the water on the top as the bottom part is usually where wastes and toxins are. Then place the fishes on the container. Take the rest of the water in the aquarium too. Do not overcrowd the fishes in one container. Do this on the day of the move itself. Keep the fishes in the dark during transit. And avoid feeding them three days before the moving day too.

Upon arrival setup the aquarium as soon as you can. Place the water on the aquarium. Once it reaches room temperature you can put the fishes back in. You may also add up to 20% tap water to the aquarium. Add new water gradually in the proceeding days to give the fishes time to adjust to it. Keep the room dark for a day too. Soon enough they will also be accustomed to their new environment.


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