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House Blessing Event: Important Notes to Remember


Moving out to a new house requires that you have it blessed before you actually inhabit – at least, a tradition in a society that everyone practices.  However, holding a house blessing event entails some important notes to remember.  Below are some of these:

It is important that you inform all people who are close to you to become part of the event.  No matter how remotely possible for you to inform these people, exert all the effort to ensure that important people are well-informed about this event. You can take advantage of the technology. Instead of buying invitation cards, you can send a personalized house moving card invitation to all people you have connection with.  This will save you more money and time.  For people who do not have connection to the Internet, you can buy them a personalized moving out card and send this as an invitation.  Make sure that the mailing address is properly checked and verified.  Your party does not end after the event. You should make an extra effort in reciprocating the attendance of the guest by sending them a thank you note card. 

These are some of the important notes that you need to take into consideration before and after having the housewarming party. 


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