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How to Choose Insurance Well


Insurance is computed based on the weight of your things. The value of your belongings is also considered. That is why it is important that you assess your things and you make an inventory of all of your things before purchasing insurance. You would have to list down everything you are moving and along with each the weight and value of the item. Then you have to summarize your inventory.

If you only want to get additional insurance to supplement the insurance offered by the removals company, getting transit insurance may be enough. It usually is enough to cover what is not included in the basic insurance.

However, if you have very valuable items you need more comprehensive insurance like lump sum insurance or full value protection. If you have jewelry and antiques, this is quite appropriate. While they cost more, your valuables are also protected so you have less to worry during your move.

There’s also another type of insurance which is based on the declared value of your possessions.

Claims would be based on the depreciated value of the item. Then claims would be computed by multiplying total weight by a certain amount. For instance, if your insurance covers $1.25 per pound, you will get $625 for a 500-pound total weight.

Insurance saves you money in cases of emergency. But more comprehensive coverage also cost money. The decision would then be up to how much you can afford to risk your things.


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