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How a Teenager Should Handle a Move to New Neighborhood


As a teen, your friends are probably the world to you. Losing or being apart from them would seem the end of the world already. But that will not be so if you don’t let it. So the first thing really is to understand why you have to move. If you keep an open mind, things are not actually that bad. If you are moving because your mom or your dad got promoted that is good news. Things would definitely be better for your family.

It could also mean better opportunities for your future too.

The trick is to accept your situation and begin moving on. This does not mean you should forget old friends though. In fact, stay friends with them and stay in touch. You could even schedule a visit in the next vacation time. On the other hand, you should also be very open to making new friends.

If school is still out you can begin making friends in the neighborhood. This way you will already know someone when school starts. At school, try your best to act normal. Don’t act too shy or too confident. Just keep a friendly and a smiling face pasted on your face. Even if you don’t have many friends at first, you would gain friends and get fully adjusted in time.


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