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Moving Your Grandfather’s Long Case Clock Safely


Do you still have your grandfather’s long case clock in your home? If you do, you have probably wondered already as to how you can move a stuff that is as valuable as this without damaging it. Of course that is not an easy thing to do without the proper how-to knowledge.

So then, whether you are planning to move your long case clock ten miles or just ten foot away, the following tips will guide you to do that without giving your precious clock even just a little scratch:

1.    Close down the clock to make the weights closer to you for you to reach.
2.    Detach the hood so you can access the dial and movement.  Afterwards, place a masking tape over the gut line to prevent it from gushing once you take out the weights.
3.    Detach the weights and mark each of them with their proper position.

Which one belongs to the right and which one to the left? Through this, you can ensure that you can return it rightly. 
4.    Detach the pendulum after but be careful not to break the thin suspension spring.
5.    Lift the dial and movement from the case afterwards.

Once you completed all of those steps, your case clock is already ready to be moved in any location.

Arranging it back to its original set-up is easy enough. All you have to do is to reverse the dismantling steps you followed.


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