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7 Costs Associated With Moving Houses


Moving houses proves to be a very costly affair as there are many costs associated with it.

1.  The biggest cost you can expect whilst moving house is the stamp duty land tax. You will have to pay this tax to the government if you are moving into a house you had bought.

2.  Next in line comes the cost of hiring an estate agent. It is possible to buy or rent a house without them; however with their help, you get to see more houses and thus a have a wider choice to choose your new home.

3.  You need solicitors to ensure the sale is legal by their approving all the paperwork involved in renting or buying a house.

They charge a fixed fee or by the hour, and it is better to hire solicitors with a good reputation.

4.  Though it's not essential to have your new house surveyed, it is recommended to find out more about the structural state of the house. The larger is the house, the higher will be their fees.

5.  Cleaning of the house constitutes a large part of moving costs as you have to clean your house before leaving it, and have a clean house to move into. Sometimes you may also have some repair work to be done; so all this is best done by professionals, which spells extra expenditure.

6.  Next you have the removals and moving costs to take care of.

You can do your packing on your own and save money, but you have to spend lots of time and effort packing your stuff. If you hire professionals, do so after checking their rates, the amount of experience they have and if they have movers insurance.

7.  Lastly, you have storage costs to take care of as it may not be possible for you to move your stuff into your new house immediately. Once again, shop around and choose the storage unit with the most reasonable rates, and security features.

Now that you know what costs to expect whilst moving, you can be more ready for your move.


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