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What to Decorate First in your New Clapham Home

Once you have moved into your new Clapham home, one of the first things that you will be considering is how you will go about decorating and furnishing the property to your personal tastes.  You may be lucky and find that you property doesn’t need much actual work doing to it, in this case all you need to do is paint and paper so that the property is to your liking.  Before you start decorating there are something that you should consider first, for example, the style of your house,  your design styles, the theme you want for your rooms, the colours you would like to use, where you are going to place furniture etc. Hopefully by the end of reading this decorating guide, you will know exactly what to do, what not to do, and what you want to do when it comes to decorating your new home. Just remember this while you are decorating, your house should be a reflection of your and your family’s personal tastes, make sure everyone in the family I happy with the decorating decisions made.  The first and perhaps most important thing you will need to do is planning.  Try and get the blue prints or make a sketch to scale of each room within your new home, use this to start placing where it is you want things to go.  Consider how you want the room too look, what sort of tone do you want bring to the room, etc .

Collectively decide on colour palettes, the fixtures and fittings, the fabrics and furnishings and any accessories.   Try to make sure everyone is included in the decision making, especially concerning the areas designated to certain members, for example, children should have a say in how their room is decorated.It is advisable to decorate the living room first, followed by the kitchen, then the bathroom and finally any bedrooms, guestrooms and landings/hallways last. When deciding which room to start with consider the importance of the room being decorated.  Making sure you decorate the rooms that you consider most important to you first will allow you to relax settle in quicker.When considering your furniture, decide what is necessary and what isn’t before you move anything from your old to new home.   The same is also true of your persona; possessions.  If this is your first home or you are moving into a bigger house, it is likely that you will need to  go shopping to buy more furniture and things to fill your home.  Now it is time to start the decorating, start by painting the walls and applying wallpaper.

Arrange the furniture, making sure you arrange the larger pieces first as moving these later may prove to be difficult. Once you've established the positioning of the bigger pieces, bring in the smaller items of furniture such as bedside tables, chairs and bookshelves.Use accessories to finish off the look of each room. Consider hanging curtains or blinds to suit your tastes, add photographs and pictures to make your home personal to you, place vases around your home along with any other accessories that you think will complete the room. The major part of decorating is completed, getting accessories and doing the finishing touches is the easiest part and will take less time than you think.

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