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Using A Man With A Van For A Home Removal

When you are moving out of a smaller house or a flat, you may well find that you don’t need a full size removals company. A man and van service can be an extremely good affordable option for those who can manage with a smaller vehicle than a full sized removal truck, some of which are a similar size to a lorry! You need to be sure that you are not at risk of not fitting everything in to a Luton van, which will happily accommodate a three bedroom house or so, depending on how much stuff you have! If you are at all worried about the relocation and the amount that you need to fit in to the van, then this is a good time to start getting rid of some of the junk that you know you won’t need at the new place, especially given that it is going to hold you up and cause problems when moving. Why not try selling it all at a car boot sale, and see if you can get enough money together to pay for the man with a van service?Selecting a man and van company is always going to be fairly easy, as most of the larger companies are similar in style and price. Some will want to give you a quote, and some will ask for an hourly rate. The hourly rate will usually be cheaper, as the quote will cover things like bad traffic, fuel and the drive home.

Larger jobs with long distance drives will usually be quote based jobs only, as the hourly are tends not to apply outside the vicinity of the initial pick up, especially for removals in London. If you know that your removal is going to be local, and you have a good idea as to how long it will take, then you should certainly try getting a van for an hourly rate. Keep an eye on traffic reports, and work out the quickest route before hand, to run it past the driver, to see if you can get there as quickly as possible.

If you have friends to help you with the removal, then being out on the pavement with everything when the van driver turns up will mean that you can get things loaded in more quickly, which again will reduce the overall time that you spend on the job, bringing the costs down.You should check to see if there are any bad reviews of the van and man company that you are thinking of using online. Most man and van drivers are very honest, hardworking types, but sometimes you may find that you come across a driver who is looking to make off with your belongings, or to scam you out of more money. Be sure that there are no hidden charges when you get a price, as some drivers may try to add a fuel surcharge or a lifting fee on to the price without telling you, saying that it was in the small print of their adverts. This may leave you in a position of owing considerably more at the end of the job, and that can make things really difficult when you re confronted by the issue! Be sure to get a van from a company if you are concerned about this, as they will be more easily accountable than a standalone removal van driver.

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