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Amazing Moves has been in the removals business for generations, during which time our team of professional movers have relocated thousands of grateful and happy clients to their new domestic or commercial location. Moving can be a very exciting time, especially when you know that you have chosen the best removals team for the job. Although there may be many possible choices as far as removal companies are concerned, many of which may suit your move and meet your requirements. However, not every company gives you the opportunity to pick when and at what time your move goes ahead, just like they may not offer you such a wide range of services like we do. It is easy to find a removals team to relocate your items to their new destination but finding the right team of staff to make your removal convenient, easy and calm for you is a completely different matter altogether. The main aim of our personnel is to move your personal items to wherever they need to go, without causing any disturbances or problems to you. With us, you have the choice to choose the time and date in which we will relocate you, as we work flexible hours so as to work around our clients and their time requirements. Being able to relocate to your new property when you choose immediately makes the process a lot easier, due to the fact that you can fit the move in around your daily life and your current commitments. For more information on our Bedfordshire removal services call 020 3970 0488 now.

Bedfordshire is an area within the East of England region. As a ceremonial county of England, it covers a large area of 1, 235 km2 and has an estimated population of around 617, 000 inhabitants. As a whole, the county of Bedfordshire is recorded to be the fifth most heavily populated Non-metropolitan County in England and is the fourteenth most heavily populated county of the country too. The main two areas of the county are Bedford and Luton, which are both very highly populated areas within the ceremonial county of Bedfordshire. In fact, over half of Bedfordshire’s population resides in either Luton or Bedford, which are the two main and busiest areas of the county.

As Bedfordshire is situated in the East of England, the county and its surrounding areas are relatively dry, as they don’t suffer with the wet weather than other parts of the country experiences regularly. The wettest month of the whole year tends to be October, where as the driest month is usually February. The temperature can get quite cold during the winter months, sometimes dropping to as cold as 0.8°c and reaching as high as 22/23°c during the summer months. The county suffered some from some serious flooding in 1998, as a result of heavy rainfall. More drastic temperatures have been recorded for both the summer and winter months. For example, the lowest winter temperature occurred during the month of December 2012 when the temperature fell to just -15°c and the highest summer temperature was recorded to be 35.9°c, which has been the highest temperature to be recorded in the last twenty years.

Bedfordshire’s economy has increased throughout the year, which is perhaps due to the county being the home of where many big UK and international companies have their company headquarters based. Charles Wells Pubs, Boxclever, Jordands Cereals, Kingspan Off-Site, Kier Group and Autoglass are all companies which are based in the Bedfordshire County or which have based their headquarters there. Motel Hospitality, UltraVision, Blue Arrow, Alexon Group, EasyJet, Vauxhall Motors, Whitbread, Thomson Airways and Monarch Airlines are other companies which are based or have offices in the Luton, Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable or Toddington areas of the county.
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There are many popular and interesting places to visit within Bedfordshire. There is a great range of things to do and see for people of all ages and with all kinds of interests. Bedford Castle, which is located in the county town of Bedford, is a historical site where you will see the remains of the old castle. Chiltern Hills, Waulud’s Bank, Wardown Park and Marston Vale Community Forest are four of the free open spaces, which are made accessible to all. If you fancy seeing some wildlife and have a love of animals, then you may want to take a trip to Whipsnade Wildlife Park, Woodside Farm and Wildfowl Park or Woburn Safari Park, there is also the Priory Country Park and the Wrest Park Gardens which are other natural areas. In addition to the wide range of other attractions in the county, there are also some free museums to visit, as well as other museums which charge an entry fee.

Bedfordshire is and has been the home to many well noted residents now and throughout previous years too. Sir Joseph Paxton, Carol Vorderman, Paula Radcliffe, Paul Young, Sir William Morgan, Sir William Harpur, Lady Margaret Beaufort, Ronnie Barker and others. The popular children’s film starring Johnny Depp, was filmed in one of the Cardington Hangars, which are located in a village close to the south of Bedford. The same hangar was also used as a rehearsal space for the pop band Take That. The other hangar however, is never used as it is unrepeatable.

We understand that there are certain things in life and in the move that you would just prefer to have new. For example, when it comes to things like furniture, utensils and other furnishings for your new home or office, you probably want to start again and buy them new. However, we would advise that when you come to hire a relocation team for your Bedfordshire move, that you don’t choose a new company but an older team that have had more experience with moving clients. Amazing Moves are an experienced team of professional moves and can all successfully undertake your move whenever you need us to be there for you. Hire the experts for your Bedfordshire move today by calling 020 3970 0488 now.

Bedfordshire removals
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We heard about this place from a new friend in Bedfordshire. We didn't have too much to move into our apartment but couldn't carry the heavy bed and dressers up the stairs. Their workers made it look so easy! Glad we heard about them.

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