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Thurrock removals

Amazing Moves has been moving clients to their new offices, houses, apartments and other commercial and domestic properties all over Thurrock. When you need to find a company for your removals and storage needs make sure that we are the first point of call. Our team are used to managing thousands of relocations on a weekly basis and therefore we possess the sufficient amount of experience when it comes down to relocating our clients. Each member of our highly skilled moving team have undergone the necessary and compulsory training course to educate them on how to successfully move every client prior to joining our team. With that said, we have the confidence to tell you that we are the right removals company for you and your move. Our company was established on the basis of being able to provide every one of our customers with high quality relocation services which are specially made and altered to suit the requirements and move of each individual client. We personalise every moving package so as to make the relocation for each customer easier and more convenient. No matter whether you are moving to a new flat, house, bungalow or even if you need assistance with moving your personal possessions in to storage facilities then we are the team to help you.

If on the other hand you are planning to relocate in the near future to a brand new commercial environment, a new office or are organising a commercial move for your employees then there is doubt that you will need to be sure that everything goes smoothly as your company is at stake. When you have your own business and are responsible for your own company and your employees, you must be sure that you are leaving your belongings in the right hands and with a team that you can trust. Amazing Moves knows all about running a business and keeping your company a successful one, as of course we are a hard working company ourselves, therefore we can apply our knowledge in running a business and operating commercial removals when we undertake your office move. Should you hire our removals company for your Thurrock relocation, you will be able to relocate your employees or business with ease and without suffering any business downtime.

Thurrock is an area within Essex, which is a ceremonial county. Essex has a borough status and is a unitary authority, which means that Thurrock takes responsibility for itself and is not controlled by the ceremonial county of Essex, in which it is a part of. Thurrock is a part of the East of England region and covers an area of 163.38km2. Thurrock has a total population of 158, 300 residents and is situated to the east of England’s capital city of London. This borough also has access to the River Thames and part of the borough is set upon the River. There are roughly about 90, 500 residential properties in the borough, which provide homes to the high population of residents in the area.

Thurrock is a very historical borough and has many old and historical buildings too. It has been noted that there have been inhabitants in the area since prehistoric times. Both the Romans and Anglo-Saxons have occupied the land and farmed the land. Due to its rich amount of history, Thurrock has many archaeological sites where numerous artifacts and interesting items have been discovered. During the 15th century, Thurrock earned most of its money through the wool business, as its main item that was produced in the borough was wool. The wool would then be sold and traded and this made up most of the area’s economy for quite some time. As the wool trade provided Thurrock with a decent income during the 15th century, the borough was considered to be fairly wealthy as a result of its industry. In fact, there is still a building which remains intact even today which was built by Ron Strutt and is called The Wool market. The Wool market would have been one of the originally factories in which the workers produced the wool.
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Later on, Thurrock became well known for its clays, chalk and mineral extraction. There were huge amounts of chalk dug up in the West of Thurrock. When all of the chalk had been extracted from the land and the workers were no longer able to retrieve any more chalk from one of the sites, the pit was then used as the location of the new Lakeside Shopping Centre, which was built many years later. The other pits in West Thurrock, which were once used for extracting chalk, were later made in to nature reserves. The Chafford Gorges Nature Reserve, which is operated by the Essex Wildlife Trust, is one of the nature reserves which have replaced the former pits.

Many of the areas within Thurrock have relatively flat terrain just like many of the other boroughs, counties and districts of the East England region however, there are some parts of the Thurrock borough which are in particularly low lying and therefore can become affected by flooding. In 1956, Thurrock was hit badly by the well known North Sea flood of 1953. The devastating event happened on the 31st January and caused many companies and local businesses to stop working for a few months, as the damage was so bad.

Amazing Moves are a reliable and reputable removals company who are more than capable of giving you a successful Thurrock move for you and those who are involved in your forthcoming relocation. We are experienced and specialise in both domestic and commercial relocations, so you know that you are in safe hands with our company. Our company and team are very professional and we are lucky to have such a great team of reliable and trustworthy staff, which is how we are able to perform such high quality, fast and efficient removal services for you and all of our other clients.

Thurrock removals
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For house removals in Thurrock, I wouldn't recommend any company but [COMPANY NAME]. The help they provided us on moving day was beyond my expectations. It was building up to be a stressful day, but their team of professionals eased matters.

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Reached out to these house movers about 2 weeks away from the move. Even though I felt like it was really rushed, Amazing Moves made things seem easy. They were done on time, and there was no collateral damage.

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